Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

September 11, 2001 changed the way we as Americans look at the world. The attacks thrust national security and the defense of our homeland to the forefront of our minds. As that day slowly becomes part of our national history, it is even more important that we remember the lessons we learned directly after the attacks. I fully supported the President when he came to the Congress and asked for the authority to do everything in his power to protect the American people, and I fully support that decision to this day. I believe that it is better for us to fight those who wish to do us harm where they live rather than in our own cities and towns. The war in Iraq is crucial to keeping our enemies on the run. To retreat from either country before the new governments are stable and functioning is not only an irresponsible mistake but is a disgrace to our brave men and women who have sacrificed and put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life. The timelines of war should be made by the commanders on the ground, whose professional careers have centered on making our way of life secure.