Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Education reform that ensures all children get the best education that their parents, teachers, and local schools can provide

Recognizing that New Jerseyans know more about educating their children than bureaucrats in Washington, Scott Garrett is on the cutting edge of efforts to return control of education policy to parents, teachers, and local schools. And, as Congress considers reauthorization of the sweeping federal education policy known as No Child Left Behind, Scott Garrett is seeking real reform that allows states to opt-out of its Washington cookie cutter approach.

Scott Garrett supports greater options for parents when their children are trapped in schools that do not meet their needs, including parental choice. He also supports helping teachers provide quality education, including through the "Crayola Credit," a tax deduction for teachers' out-of-pocket classroom expenses.

Of course, education doesn't always end with high school graduation, and the skyrocketing costs of college education are a great concern for parents all across North Jersey. In 2006, Scott Garrett brought experts in to help parents learn about programs that can help them finance their children's post-high school education. He has also been proud to support a number of bills that will help to expand college access for low- and middle-income students; to improve student loan programs; and to encourage education paths for nursing, teaching, and other in-demand careers.