Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position

Mac always remembers that every dollar spent by the federal government is first earned by a taxpayer. He also knows that the more money the government confiscates in taxes, the less money there is for the family to spend on its needs. Therefore, Mac is a strong advocate for lower taxes.

He believes that the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 should be made permanent. If they are not, every American who pays income taxes will see his or her taxes go up. Mac has introduced a bill to permanently repeal the death tax, a measure cosponsored by 94 other Members of Congress.

He also supports major tax reform. This Congress he has cosponsored a bill that would give each taxpayer a choice of paying a simple, flat-rate on his or her income or continue paying under the existing system. Mac has also cosponsored the "Fair Tax," a national sales tax that would replace the income tax and the payroll tax. He believes there must be a serious debate to implement a simpler, fairer tax system that ordinary Americans can understand and in which they can greater confidence.