Issue Position: Abortion

Issue Position

Issues: Abortion

I am strongly pro-life. This issue is not a sound-byte as it has become for so many. With an estimated 1 million babies aborted each year in America-about one-third of all the babies born in America-being pro-life requires more than just being anti-abortion. My pro-life principles make me a strong supporter of abstinence education, which will help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies among our nation's teens. I am also a strong supporter of adoption programs to ensure that all children are wanted and loved. The mothers who are aborting these babies clearly do not love these children. Those of us who are pro-life must stand together at the family level, the church level, the community level, the state level and more to nurture and love these children as they come into this world.

A nation that has created an industry for supporting the destruction of unborn human babies yet jails its citizens for the destruction of the eggs of a bald eagle or a loggerhead turtle is a nation that has clearly lost its way.