Issue Position: Small Business and Economic Growth

Issue Position

Every year hard-working Americans armed only with faith in our free market system and a dream venture out to start a small business. The recession has hit small businesses hard, but they continue to do more with less. Most Americans in the private workforce continue to either operate a small business themselves or be employed by one. These businesses-not an expensive government program-are the the driver for new employment in this nation. Individuals with ideas and a focus on the bottom line are far more effective at creating jobs, wealth, and success than is the government, which is simply recycling stale policies that complicate business decisions and minimize profits.

Small and nimble, these new enterprises can grow by quickly adapting to changing circumstances. As such, these businesses can weather recessionary business cycles. Unfortunately, the current Administration is adding additional business burdens with universal health care mandates, a 1000% increase in unemployment insurance premiums, and a punishing tax environment for small business. While my ultimate goal is to pass the FairTax in order to create the most vibrant business environment possible, if Congress is not going to commit to help our small businesses, the least it can do is get out of the way of their success. Small businesses need Congress to focus on a simpler tax code, relief from health care and environmental mandates, and continued access to financing and small business capital instead of artificial "jobs" bills that simply grow government and regulatory position.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses make this nation great. They have my admiration today, and they will have my support in Congress when I am elected.