Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

Issues: Immigration

Since our nation's founding, the United States has been a beacon for immigrants to come and share in the opportunities of a free and welcoming nation. However, illegal immigration not only jeopardizes those opportunities for everyone, but presents a serious threat to national security. No immigration policy can begin without first securing our borders. Border security is a basic function of the federal government; however, we will not see true immigration reform until Washington has the resolve to enforce the laws already in place.

We should not reward those that first break our laws to enter our country, and then refuse to acknowledge their stake in its prosperity while here. It's for that reason that I do not support amnesty. Nor do I support continuing to subsidize social welfare for illegal immigrants. Ending the subsidization of illegal immigration will subsequently make the issue far less commonplace. Illegal immigrants detained within our borders should be forced to pay a penalty, learn English, and be sent to the back of the line before even being considered for citizenship. Securing our borders and making the process equitable and honest, for citizens both current and prospective, are my priorities for immigration reform.