On Jobs, Murphy Fails the 8th District

Press Release

Date: July 1, 2010
Location: Doylestown, PA

Mike Fitzpatrick said today's labor statistics show Patrick Murphy's policies are hurting families and failing to address the 8th District's unemployment woes.

The Labor Department released statistics showing the nation shed another 125,000 jobs and 652,000 people simply gave up trying to find a job.

"The jobs my opponent has promised have not materialized, the national unemployment rate is double what it was when he took office. Yet he boasts about creating jobs by handing over taxpayer dollars to campaign contributors," Fitzpatrick said.

Patrick Murphy voted to hand $2.4 million to Coherent Systems - which is now called Argon ST -- a company that has a tiny office in Doylestown. He also helped steer millions to Kuchera Defense Systems, which has no presence in the 8th Congressional District. Former Coherent Systems International principle Richard Ianieri pled guilty to paying kickbacks and taking bribes. Kuchera Defense systems co-founder Bill Kuchera is a convicted marijuana dealer.

"Maybe these are the green jobs Murphy is referring to."[ read more » ]

Fitzpatrick said Congressman Pat Murphy is a Washington insider who, "continues to be a rubber-stamp for Nancy Pelosi and her job-killing, big government spending programs and has turned his back on the small companies that actually create jobs. The $862 billion stimulus, big spending programs that he supports have not created jobs, contrary to what he's saying on the campaign trail. The bottom line is joblessness has doubled since Pat Murphy took office."

"In a double insult, Murphy supports policies that crush job creating small businesses and then spends the tax dollars of unemployed or underemployed residents to reward campaign contributors creating jobs outside the district."

"We need a real plan and real action to cure what is wrong with the economy. Put a halt to irresponsible spending and a put a repayment plan on the table, or this is a bill we leave to our children and grandchildren," Fitzpatrick asked.

Fitzpatrick had challenged the Democrat incumbent to a series of debates beginning in June, but so far Murphy has declined.