New Drilling Moratorium Threatens More Jobs in the Gulf

Press Release

Date: July 16, 2010
Location: Washington, DC

This week, the Obama administration announced a moratorium on deepwater drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf which will last until November 30, 2010. This knee-jerk moratorium will further hurt families and small businesses along the Gulf Coast and threatens to ruin an already devastated economy. In addition, the drilling moratorium will also make Americans more reliant on potentially unstable regimes, meaning that oil will be transported thousands of miles to the U.S. on tankers that have historically accounted for more spills than have drilling platforms. Rather than kill more American jobs, Congressman Miller believes the Administration should focus on passing a comprehensive energy bill, such as the American Energy Production and Cost Reduction Act, a bill sponsored by Congressman Miller, to reduce our nation's costly dependence on foreign oil, boost our economy, and lower energy costs.