Meehan Opposes Raising Social Security Retirement Age

Press Release

Date: Aug. 6, 2010
Location: Drexel Hill, PA

Does Bryan Lentz stand with Democrat Leader Steny Hoyer or seniors?

Pat Meehan, the Republican candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District, today called on his opponent Bryan Lentz to tell voters whether he supports House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's desire to raise the retirement age for Social Security.

Hoyer, who has contributed $12,000 to Lentz' campaign, said in a May speech "we can raise the retirement age, recognizing that our life expectancy is significantly higher today. What is missing here is not ideas -- it is political will." In a late July "pen and paper" meeting with reporters, Hoyer again refused to back down from the idea of raising the retirement age and also declined to rule out privatizing Social Security. "What I have said, in a speech that was pretty specific, was that I think everything needs to be on the table," Hoyer said.

"I wholeheartedly oppose the concept of raising the retirement age for Social Security," said Pat Meehan. "This amounts to a huge cut in benefits for people who have paid into the system. Raising the retirement age would also disproportionately impact workers in strenuous, physically taxing jobs where working longer is simply not an option. While we need to strengthen Social Security and shore up its financing, raising the retirement age and privatization are bad ideas."

"If Bryan Lentz's record in Harrisburg is any indication, he will vote with his leadership, not his constituents," said Meehan. "I on the other hand, will stand up to members of my own party in Congress - including House leadership - who advocate raising the retirement age and privatizing social security," said Meehan.