Blog: Let's Take America Away from Wall Street and Give it Back to Main Street


Date: Sept. 28, 2010

Oh my word I just watched my taping of Meet the press with Mike Pence. All the Republican Pledge insures Wall Street will control our economy give tax cuts to big business. I thought they were done with that. It is time we take America from Wall Street back to where you and I are Main Street. They are trying to ensure tax cuts for people who own ten homes, we can't even afford our one home. I am tired of Wall Street. Give us tax breaks so we can compete, are they afraid that they may end up on welfare? NO, profit,profit,profit that is all they care about, no one cares about us. They pretend they do but they are talking over our heads. It is simple even a second grader can understand, HELP MAIN STREET. I may not be able to fix all of this but at least I will tell you the truth. Big business will always have enough money, we need that money, bad. They never talk about help the true American only the ones who really only want more money. Heart, heart ,heart stop buying a new jet and help main street. I can't trust politicians neither can you. Education, jobs, healthcare is the only problems I care to fix first. One problem at a time. Democrats want this Republicans want that, Americans want it fixed that's the bottom line. Stop trying to out smart us and fix the problems, all of us did not go to Harvard or Yale, Ok let me refraise that most of us didn't. Just fix it final.