Issue Position: Border Security

Issue Position

Issues: Immigration

Illegal immigration has put a constant strain on our economic, legal, and national security interests. More than 12 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States unchecked in the past decade.

In order to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, we must strengthen our borders through increasing border agents, building additional fences, and utilizing technology to monitor our borders. It needs to be more difficult for illegal immigrants to obtain and use false identification documents.

We also need to address illegal immigration in the employment line. Employers should have a have a system that can accurately and quickly confirm a person's identity and immigration status. The E-Verify is an important tool for employers to ensure their employees have a legal immigration status. I was glad to see this program extended through the end of September 2009 and joined colleagues in the House sending a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Boehner expressing support for the E-Verify program and asking that it be reauthorized in for the long-term.

We cannot ignore the problems illegal immigration causes in our nation. Please be assured I will look at ways to crack down on illegal immigration and to reform the legal immigration system so American citizens can find work.