Directing Committees to Review Regulations from Federal Agencies

Floor Speech

Date: Feb. 11, 2011
Location: Washington, DC


Madam Speaker, the cynicism on the part of the Democratic leadership is interesting. It was just announced yesterday that the Obama health care plan will net lose America 800,000 jobs. But it's also true that it will create millions of jobs, but it destroys millions more, a net 800,000 jobs. The Republican Party is here because of the miserable failure of the Democrat leadership in this House of Representatives and our President who has ruined millions of jobs in this country, and that is why the Republican Party is here to do something about that. Don't worry, we'll be adding millions of jobs.


Mr. Speaker, my point to the Democratic Party and the leadership of that party is, wait no longer. The Republican Party is now in charge in this House, and our agenda is about jobs. It is about reducing spending, and it is about reducing the size of government.

And today, after 9 1/2 hours of debate, we start with rules and regulations that not only stifle innovativeness, that stifle inventions, and jobs, and job creation, but it is harming the way of life of the free enterprise system and sapping the energy from that system.

By reviewing existing, pending, and proposed regulations from agencies of the Federal Government, Congress can begin to assist small and large businesses to focus on job creation, economic growth, and innovation. We first need to understand the too true impact that is being placed upon the free enterprise system.

We know with the current rules that are in place, $1.75 trillion dollars is the cost annually to the U.S. economic free enterprise system. It's time for Congress to reevaluate these rules and regulations.

Regulatory burdens are hindering job growth. They're hindering investment, and innovation is eroding from the most basic elements of freedom in America. Congress and this administration must work together.

It made me proud to hear the minority leader, Steny Hoyer, say today that he would be a part of and vote for this bill. However, our opportunity today must direct our committees and the entire focus of Congress to take the first step in reining in Big Government, reducing our deficit, and encouraging job growth and economic prosperity. This bill will shine the light on that process and will provide the necessary transparency and accountability for Congress to be looking at Federal agencies and rules and regulations.

Mr. Speaker, my Republican colleagues and I remain committed to putting America back to work. And this legislation is a step in the right direction. I encourage my colleagues and all of the Members of the Congress who are here today to say that we want to bring jobs back to America, but we're going to look at the rules and regulations that inhibit that. I say we should all vote ``yes'' on H. Res. 72.