Tierney Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act


Date: March 23, 2011

"One year ago today, a hard-fought battle was won to improve our nation's health care system through the enactment of historic legislation -- the Affordable Care Act. Many Americans -- children, seniors, young adults and women alike -- have already seen important new health benefits because of the law. Others, like small businesses, are taking advantage of the new tax credits in order to offer health insurance to their employees for the first time and our community health centers are using federal funding to increase access to important health services. The power has been taken away from insurance companies and put where it belongs -- in the hands of the consumer. Americans now have the means to ensure their premium dollars are spent on medical care instead of the padded profits of the insurance companies. I was proud to support the law when it passed the House and I will continue to ensure these consumer protections are fully implemented, strongly opposing any efforts to weaken the law," said Congressman John Tierney.