Representative Benishek To Vote In Favor of Cut, Cap and Balance Act


Date: July 19, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

"The Cut, Cap, and Balance approach is a common sense plan that I believe strengthens America's fiscal foundation. Northern Michigan citizens--and the rest of America--have been clear they want to see real debt reduction before any increase in federal borrowing.

So far, the president has been unwilling to exactly spell out his plan. He has told the American people he is committed to debt reduction, but has yet to present a serious approach which shrinks the government's deficits and bends the debt curve downward.

With the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, the House has outlined a vision for raising the debt limit. Mr. President, where's your plan?

Ultimately, reaching the debt limit is just a mere symptom of the overall problem--our federal government spends too much. And until the U.S. Treasury stops spending 40% more than it takes in, deficits will continue drowning out private sector job growth.

My hope is that the president and the Senate will be receptive to the Cut, Cap, and Balance approach and agree on a plan that reduces federal spending, doesn't raise taxes on our job providers, and puts America back on path to job creation."