Benishek: "Entrepreneurship Creates Jobs, Not The Government"


Date: Sept. 9, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dan Benishek (MI-01) today released the following statement:

"While I applaud President Obama's new found focus on job creation, I remain very skeptical of the approach he mapped out for the American people tonight. Although I certainly see areas for common ground with the president, I fear his plan bears a striking resemblance to more failed federal stimulus spending. The American people have already seen that approach and know we cannot borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

With nearly 14 million Americans out of work, there is no doubt that America is facing a drought of jobs and action needs to be taken. Congress, I believe, should focus on reforming three things: spending, regulations, and taxes. Both the Administration and Congress need to put the brakes on the spending-driven federal debt crisis that continues to stoke the flames of economic uncertainty, rein in overzealous federal regulations that have handcuffed our job creators, and reform the bloated federal tax code so individuals and businesses can keep more of their money to invest.

There may be no magic elixir that will alleviate all the woes of the nation's stalled economy, but Washington could enact policies that will create an environment which will spur economic growth and get America working once again.