Johnson Statement Regarding Protests in Milwaukee, Oshkosh


Date: Oct. 12, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Senator Johnson released the following statement:

"The Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to petition their elected officials for redress of grievances, and I respect anyone who chooses to do so. With that in mind, I instructed my State Director to offer to meet with any and all of the protesters who came today to my Milwaukee and Oshkosh offices. Unfortunately, those who came to my Milwaukee office were more interested in scoring political points than discussing issues. They chose not to meet with my staff, but instead to be disorderly, which unfortunately resulted in their arrest by law enforcement.

"Yesterday a bipartisan coalition of Senators voted against a motion to bring up the President's jobs bill. This bipartisan coalition recognized that going further into debt to expand government won't solve the problem. Economic expansion has to come from the private sector.

"Republicans and Democrats need to work together to find areas of agreement on a real pro-growth agenda that promotes long term, self-sustaining private sector jobs. I've introduced a moratorium on new, job-destroying regulations, until our unemployment rate falls back below 7.8 percent. We should also enact tax reform that simplifies the code and lowers rates, a federal hiring freeze, budgetary reform, and a Sunset Committee that will actually begin to eliminate harmful laws and regulations."