Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Date: March 21, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. CAPPS. Madam Speaker, I rise to recognize the ways that young people in my congressional district and around the country are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.

Before health reform, young adults were the age group most likely to be uninsured, losing their coverage right after they left home and entered the workforce; but thanks to the health reform law, 2 1/2 million young people, including nearly 10,000 in my communities, now have health insurance. And some of them have reached out to tell us how the law is working for them and for their families.

Jamie from Santa Barbara wrote:

I got back on my parents' insurance and was finally able to visit the dentist and get a new prescription for eyeglasses that I desperately needed.

Maria from Oxnard says:

As a recent graduate. I felt completely vulnerable. With health care reform, I am now able to stay with my parents' health insurance, which has given me peace of mind while I search for employment.

Madam Speaker, health reform is working for young people on California's central coast. We must ensure the law stays strong to keep them and their families healthy, and I'll say the same for this entire Nation.