Issue Position: Leading the Way on Solar Power

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Issues: Energy

"Solar energy is a win-win for Arizona and the country. Not only does solar energy mean lower energy costs for homeowners and less dependence on foreign oil, it also means a cleaner environment for our families. And it means thousands of middle class jobs, developing, building and maintaining solar arrays."

Half of the world's energy will come from renewable resources by 2040. Developing clean energy will boost our economy, reduce the effects of global warming, and make Arizona a better place for all of us. And as the sunniest state in America, Arizona is in the drivers' seat on job-creating solar energy. Sinema advocates investing in our solar future -- she helped lead the fight for job-creating solar energy investments in the state legislature and in Washington will push to cut red tape that holds back solar startups and increase investments in this abundant energy source.

Conserving Our Environment
"Arizona's natural heritage is a national treasure. From the Grand Canyon to Piestewa Peak, we must conserve our land, air and water, and protect it for ourselves and future generations."

With more than 20 national parks and monuments, and nearly half of the acreage in the state owned by the federal government, Arizonans have a long history of respecting and protecting our natural heritage. Sinema has helped lead the fight to preserve protections that give Arizonans clean air and clean water, and worked with local families and landowners to help preserve protections for plants and animals under the Endangered Species Act such as the Mexican Grey Wolf, the Desert Tortoise and the American Bald Eagle. She has stood up against uranium mining at the Grand Canyon. In Washington, Sinema will oppose any effort to weaken protections for clean air and groundwater, and to ensure that Arizona's natural beauty can be enjoyed by all.