Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

Creating Jobs

While we are in the middle of a recovery, more needs to be done to make it stronger and to prepare America for a prosperous future again. Joe's number one priority is getting Floridians back to work and accelerating our recovery here at home and across the country.

Joe supports the president's American Jobs Act as a starting point to spur growth in America's middle class and small business community, but also believes we must do more, including investing in education, research, and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and modern transportation systems like light and high speed rail.

Infrastructure improvements put people to work and ensure the safety of American transport and the American way of life into the 21st century and beyond. Infrastructure improvements will help us maintain our competitive edge in a globalized society.

Small Businesses and Corporations

Small businesses are America's principle jobs engine. Joe supports the president's tax cuts for small businesses, 18 of which have been enacted during the past three years, and will work to provide more incentives for businesses to expand, grow, and hire more workers. Our country must make it easier for small business owners to gain access to loans and financing to achieve success.

However, while we must support small businesses, we must also rein in the corporate influence that led us to the financial disaster. Joe will work to end the tax loopholes that allow corporations to hide profits and send jobs abroad, as well as create financial incentives to hire in the United States.

Working families are best protected from fragile economies when they have job and economic security, and Joe is proud to be endorsed by SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and several other labor unions that have recognized Joe's dedication to our nation's hardest workers and their families.