Issue Position: Job Creation

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012

Healthy and sustainable job growth resides in the private sector. Government is not capable of anything more than short term jobs because their is no incentive for profit...and therefore growth. State government can, however, take a leadership role in identifying opportunities presented due to the character of its business climate and workforce. The government's role is then to create an atmosphere that promotes these opportunities.

For too many years the State of Minnesota has chosen to manipulate business decisions through taxation and regulations not in support of job growth. Instead, many decisions have been made to benefit special interest groups rather than the communities in our state. If elected, I intend to concentrate job growth efforts on reducing burdensome regulations and taxes.

Some believe reducing taxes will reduce the revenues to the state. This is simply not true. The question should be asked, "which tax base is broader, corporate or individual?" As employment improves so too will revenues. Also, with more people employed, there will be less on public assistance, thus reducing the burden on the citizens of this state.