Issue Position: Foreign Affairs

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

John believes America's extraordinary economic, cultural, and military influence around the world is fundamentally a good thing for all mankind. America has committed itself, by virtue of our unique ability, to shine the light of freedom to the darkest, most oppressed corners of the globe. This responsibility has cost our nation much blood and treasure, but John continues to believe those efforts -- like toppling Saddam Hussein and killing Osama bin Laden -- are just and righteous.

As our closest friend in the Middle East, John strongly supports our Israeli allies in the Global War on Terror. He supports continued U.S. involvement in the peace process.

John is honored to be one of the Republican representatives from the United States to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He has also close relationships with leading statesmen in the Baltic states and has consistently stood firm against Russian aggression in the region and with calls for reform in Belarus.