Repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Date: May 16, 2013
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MESSER. I thank the gentlelady.

I rise in support today of ObamaCare repeal.

I can't begin to highlight all the problems of ObamaCare in 1 minute, so I will instead focus on this simple fact: ObamaCare is the biggest assault on the 40-hour workweek in this country in a generation.

Under ObamaCare, government mandates and penalties kick in for every employee that works more than 30 hours a week. Employers can't afford ObamaCare's mandates and penalties, so they're scaling back the hours of their employees to less than 30 hours as a result. And that's bad for workers. It means many working moms will be forced to look for a second job to find the hours they need to pay their bills and feed their family.

In my hometown of Shelbyville, for example, it has already meant that some part-time teacher's aides must work less so the local school system doesn't go bankrupt. That's bad for teachers and students. And the problems are just beginning.

Mr. Speaker, it's time to repeal ObamaCare and restore the 40-hour workweek. Forty may be the new 30 when it comes to aging, but 30 is the new 40 when it comes to the ObamaCare workweek.