Roby Comments on Resignation of Acting IRS Commissioner


Date: May 15, 2013

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today responded to the resignation of Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Stephen Miller in the wake of the scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups with extraordinary scrutiny from 2010-2012.

Miller, whose full time role at the agency was Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement, oversaw the part of the agency responsible for reviewing the applications of groups applying for tax-exempt status. Rep. Roby said the scandal hits home because one of the groups targeted, the Wetumpka Tea Party, is from Alabama's Second Congressional District.

"The resignation of the acting IRS Commissioner is a positive step, but I doubt that alone will restore Americans' faith in this Administration," Rep. Roby said. "Who can blame us for being skeptical about what we are told by those who pull the levers of power in Washington?

"It is downright un-American for any group to be targeted based on political ideology by the federal government, and particularly by the IRS. This debacle is real to Alabama. Groups from the Second District, including the Wetumpka Tea Party were among those wrongfully targeted. I join my colleagues in demanding answers as to how this could have occurred, and why the American people weren't told the truth from the beginning."