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Dysfunction in Washington


One word. Dysfunctional.

That's how most Americans would describe the current U.S. Congress. Let's face it -- South Dakota's prairie rattlesnake is more popular.

For too long, South Dakota's senators have been canceling out each other's votes in the U.S. Senate. All the while, the federal bureaucrats and the Harry Reid led Senate have been jamming through job-killing policies and legislation. We're literally paying for the dysfunction. It's time to do something about it.

Senator Thune needs an ally in the Senate. Someone who doesn't cancel out his vote. Fixing the dysfunction starts here -- by having a unified voice for South Dakota. Working as governor, I know how to build a team and work together to solve problems.

Dysfunction in Washington, D.C.

We need to stop canceling out votes and get the people's work done, on time! The bureaucrats work for us, not the other way around. People need to start talking to each other, not past each other.

Economy / National Debt

We need to create jobs and economic opportunity for the next generation and stop the bad policies that are being jammed through by the Washington bureaucrats. We need to lower taxes and live within our means. We balance our budget every single year in South Dakota. It's time Washington, D.C. does the same!


Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced by a patient centered, market driven solution, that focuses on quality care for our loved ones. Obamacare threatens Medicare. We owe it to our seniors to make sure we have a solvent Medicare program.

North American Energy

We need a North American energy solution. One that takes advantage of fossil and renewable fuels. We shouldn't arbitrarily raise taxes or pick winners and losers. We should move to immediately approve the Keystone pipeline. We need a comprehensive energy policy that will end America's dependency on foreign oil.

These are just a few of the issues where you'll find differing views from the candidates. Working as your governor, we focused on results. We kept our taxes low, created thousands of jobs, invested in education and lived within our means. I promise to do the same in the U.S. Senate.

Please join us as we work to bring South Dakota common sense to the U.S. Senate -- and put an end to the dysfunction.