Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

Issue Position

Supporting policies that will lead to job creation and make it easier for Northern Michigan families to take care of their kids, pay their bills, and plan for the future has always been one of Dr. Dan's top priorities. As a former small business owner himself, Dr. Dan understands the challenges many families and small businesses have faced in this tough economy. Northern Michigan's economy has the opportunity to provide a variety of different jobs in areas like agriculture, mining, skilled manufacturing and labor, the outdoor economy and many industries that require advanced degrees.

However, it is imperative that there is a workforce that has the skills necessary to fill these jobs and that government doesn't get in the way and stifle the economy and hamper the ability of businesses to grow and impede the entrepreneurial spirit that has aloud our country to thrive in the past.

"As I travel all over the district meeting with small business owners and their employees, local farmers and others that depend on Northern Michigan's natural resources to make a living, there is a common message that is shared with me. Washington's burdensome and unnecessary regulations are keeping them from growing and when they are able to hire and expand, there is often a lack of skilled workers available. I have made it a priority to address both by fighting bureaucrats and unnecessary regulations and helping local educators and community colleges partner with businesses and find the resources necessary to expand vocational education training. A job that can support a family here in Northern Michigan is what we need." - Dr. Dan Benishek

Since coming to Congress, Dr. Dan has developed his Vocational Education Initiative, which helps facilitate the creation of vocational education training programs at our local community colleges and schools. In addition, Dr. Dan has been a leading voice in fighting Washington bureaucrats and their regulations that are oftentimes burdensome, unnecessary and fail to take into account duplication and local needs.

Dr. Dan also knows the only way to provide certainty for any business and their employees is to address our debts and deficits as well as understand the negative impacts Obamacare is having on the ability to hire and grow the workforce.