Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Helping Veterans with Dental Experience Return to Civilian Workforce

Press Release

Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation making it easier for veterans with military experience in the dental field to re-enter the civilian workforce. The legislation continues the governor's efforts to help veterans get back to work faster upon returning home.

House Bill 5248, sponsored by state Rep. Gail Haines, waives the fee for veterans with military experience as a dental specialist when applying for a license as a civilian dental assistant. It is now Public Act 305.

"Helping military veterans transition back to civilian life continues to be a priority," Snyder said. "Veterans are an important part of our workforce and bring valuable skills to Michigan companies."

The governor also signed five other bills:

Senate Bill 861, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, streamlines funding plans from the Children's Trust Fund for programs which prevent child abuse and neglect in Michigan. Under the legislation, additional funding will be allocated annually to the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board while the longevity of the trust fund is still preserved. It is now PA 306.

SB 705, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, allows courts to lower costs and increase efficiency by streamlining record-keeping. It allows court records related to minors to be digitized instead of requiring all recordings to be kept indefinitely. Under the legislation, the courts can destroy recordings of the files after an appropriate time period designated by the Michigan Supreme Court. It is now PA 307.

SB 890, sponsored by state Sen. Bruce Caswell, creates a program that gives adoptive parents of foster children with certain health conditions an additional way to receive adoption assistance. Under the legislation, adoptive parents incurring additional costs for raising children with health care issues that were caused by conditions existing before adoption can receive additional funding from the state. In the past, federal law prevented adoptive parents from seeking a redetermination of subsidy payments for extraordinary care. It is now PA 308.

HB 5457, sponsored by state Rep. Marilyn Lane, gives counties that have adopted a charter and have a population of more than 600,000 flexibility in the number of county commissioners required. Under the legislation, the requirement for commissioners is reduced from 25-35 members to 13-25 members, allowing counties to run in a more cost-effective manner. It is now PA 309.

HB 5552, sponsored by state Rep. Peter Pettalia, extends the ability to transfer residential real property from a person related within the first degree by blood or marriage to other "family members" provided the property is not used for commercial purposes. Further, the assessments of said property transfers will not be "uncapped." Upon the request of the Department of Treasury or the assessor, the transferee shall provide proof that the property transfer is lawful within 30 days. It is now PA 310.