Stivers Statement on Iran Nuclear Talks


Date: Nov. 26, 2014
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

The below statement can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH).

"America's stated policy goal is to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. However, today's announcement of another seven-month extension of the current talks with Iran moves us backward from our goal. This only reduces American leverage by suspending sanctions while it does nothing to deter, or even slow down, Iran's progress toward reaching nuclear capabilities. America should remain committed to preventing a nuclear-armed Iran to ensure the safety and security of all nations around the world.

"Congress has given deference to the administration during these talks, however now that there is a seven month extension, it may be time for Congress to enact further sanctions to show that the American government is taking this threat seriously. I believe imposing strong, additional sanctions on Iran will show America's resolve and strengthen our negotiating position."