Rep. Rob Woodall Votes to Restrain EPA Regulations


Date: June 24, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Representative Rob Woodall (GA 07) issued the following statement regarding his support of H.R. 2042, the "Ratepayer Protection Act," which would extend the deadline -- pending judicial review -- for states to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s existing or future rules addressing emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel fired power plants. The measure passed the House by a 247 -- 180 vote.

"No one cares more about our air quality than those of us right here at home, but reckless regulation from Washington won't get us there," said Rep. Woodall. "The question is not whether or not we want to protect our environment -- because we all do. The right question is how do we actually achieve that goal. Rather than seeking a change in law from Congress, the EPA simply decided to dramatically reinterpret laws that have been well-understood for more than 40 years. This radical reinterpretation is based neither on science nor need, but is simply part of a political agenda, and it is certain to hinder economic growth, drive up the cost of energy, and reduce the quality of life for the American people. Broad, sweeping federal regulations have economic consequences, and as we have seen so often with this Administration, the tendency is to act unilaterally first and worry about the process and effects later. The EPA's authority to implement such regulations is already in question -- as indicated by the pending judicial review -- and this bill grants states the opportunity to learn the outcome before mandating costly action."