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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015
Issues: Immigration

The United States is a melting pot of people from all backgrounds, and we have a long history of respect to the traditions and beliefs of others. As the grandson of immigrants, I believe we should continue to welcome people to the United States who respect our laws and want to contribute to society.

Our country was founded on the belief that if you come to America and are willing to work hard, you can live a good life.

I support STEM and reforming our HB-1and HB-2 visa system because our nation must keep up with the increasing demand for students and employees with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy estimates that STEM jobs will grow almost 2 times faster than non-STEM jobs from 2008-2018. Instead of sending those who graduate from American colleges and universities back to their home countries to compete against us, we should reform our immigration system so that it allows American-educated students to stay in our country to contribute to our economy and fill the huge void in STEM jobs.

The United States is a nation of laws and I firmly oppose illegal immigration.

There is no question our system is broken. Those who wish to come here legally find themselves wrapped in the bureaucratic process, and many simply do not have the will or incentives to go through the process.

In order to begin addressing the issue, I believe that we should first secure the border by increasing our border patrol, construct walls in high-traffic areas, and add the use of new technology while implementing E-Verify.

While I support streamlining the immigration process to make it more efficient, I will not support any amnesty provision, as this would only reward criminal behavior and encourages additional illegal immigration in the future.