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Date State Bill No. Title Outcome
March 17, 2021 SC H 3584 Specifies Oconee County Tax Assessments Vetoed
Feb. 24, 2021 SC S 478 Requires the Consolidation of Clarendon County School Districts One and Three Into Clarendon County School District Number Four Vetoed
May 28, 2019 SC H 3601 Authorizes Conditional Discharge for First-Time Offenders Charged with Public Disorderly Conduct Vetoed
May 15, 2019 SC H 3700 Exempts Shoreline Wingwalls Given Specific Conditions Vetoed
July 3, 2018 SC S 1043 Amends Tax Credits and Refunds Vetoed
June 28, 2018 SC H 4375 Amends the Base Load Review Act of 2007 Vetoed
May 19, 2018 SC H 3209 Expands Types of Convictions which May be Expunged Vetoed
May 19, 2018 SC H 4973 Authorizes Specialty License Plates for Former Elected Officials Vetoed
May 19, 2018 SC S 1160 Authorizes Stipend for Charleston County School District Trustees Vetoed
June 9, 2017 SC S 662 Consolidates School districts in Orangeburg County Vetoed
May 19, 2017 SC S 353 Amends Sewer District Commissioners' Term in Office Vetoed
May 9, 2017 SC H 3516 Increases Gas Taxes and Fees to Improve Infrastructure Vetoed
April 25, 2017 SC S 568 Amends Composition of the Williamsburg County School District Board of Trustees Vetoed
March 13, 2017 SC S 457 Authorizes Monthly Stipend for Fairfield County School District Board of Trustees Vetoed
Feb. 28, 2017 SC S 310 Authorizes the Town of Camden to Annex Certain Properties Vetoed
Feb. 28, 2017 SC H 3462 Amends Rules for the Board Of Trustees of Florence County School District Number Three Vetoed
Feb. 2, 2017 SC S 353 Amends Election Process for Commissioners of the Bath Langley, and Clearwater Sewage Districts Vetoed