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Date State Bill No. Title Outcome
April 27, 2021 ND SB 2290 Authorizes Expanding the Budget Section's Authority in Regards to Rejecting an Emergency Commission Approval and Issuing a Revised Decision Vetoed
April 22, 2021 ND HB 1378 Authorizes the State Assembly to Vote in December Vetoed
April 21, 2021 ND HB 1298 Requires Transgender Athletes to Play Sports on Teams Made for Their Biological Sex Vetoed
April 21, 2021 ND HB 1323 Repeals Future Mask Mandates Vetoed
March 31, 2021 ND HB 1378 Amends the North Dakota Century Code, Relating to the Authority for the Legislative Assembly to Conduct Business in December of Even-Numbered Years Vetoed
April 10, 2019 ND SB 2055 Establishes a Budget Section Within the Legislature Vetoed
March 22, 2019 ND SB 2244 Increases Costs for Various Drivers License-Related Fees and Applications Vetoed
May 18, 2017 ND SB 2119 Authorizes the Job Service of North Dakota to Lease Land Vetoed
April 26, 2017 ND HB 1201 Requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Certain Rental Properties Vetoed
April 26, 2017 ND HB 1004 Appropriates Funds for Employee Health Insurance Premium Increases Vetoed
March 27, 2017 ND HB 1153 Reenacts the State Employee Recruitment and Bonus Program Vetoed
April 16, 2015 ND HB 1033 Prohibits Legacy Fund Calculation in State Budget Drafts Vetoed
April 11, 2013 ND HB 1209 Amends Compensation for Top Management Personnel of Basic Care Facilities Vetoed
April 3, 2013 ND HB 1156 Authorize Special Elections on Home Rule Charters Vetoed
May 9, 2007 ND SB 2047 New State Employee's Salary Vetoed
May 9, 2007 ND HB 1012 Relating to Excise Tax Exemption for Tribal Members Vetoed