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Bobby Schilling's Public Statements

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10/17/2014 Schilling: Stop Commercial Flights Into and Out of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea
10/07/2014 Schilling, Conaway Talk Ag and Trade with Local Farmers
10/03/2014 Schilling Reaffirms Promises to the Illinois 17th District
10/01/2014 Schilling Proposes Fresh Health Care Solutions
09/27/2014 Moline Dispatch Argus - How Will You Help Create, Retain Jobs in the Quad-Cities?
09/02/2014 Fact Checking Our Congresswoman: The Truth About EB-5
08/20/2014 Schilling Challenges Bustos To Honor Promise, Donate $34,800 to Veterans Charity
08/11/2014 Schilling Veterans Bill Signed Into Law
08/08/2014 Schilling Issues Statement on American Air Strikes in Iraq
07/31/2014 Is Bustos Really Taking Medicare Away from IL-17 Seniors?
07/28/2014 The Real Impact of Obamacare on IL-17
07/01/2014 Schilling Thanks Bustos for Supporting His Veterans Bill
06/19/2014 The Dispatch and Rock Island Argus - The Right First Step to Fixing VA's Problems
06/11/2014 House Passes Schilling Veterans Bill
06/10/2014 NRCC Announces Schilling Is A "Young Gun"
06/07/2014 Local IL-17 Manufacturer Leaves, Where's Bustos?
06/06/2014 Freeport Journal-Standard - Bobby Schilling: EB-5 an Example of a Job-Creation Plan that Works
05/29/2014 Bustos Waits Weeks, Finally Joins Schilling and Others in Calling for Shinseki's Resignation
05/23/2014 Will Congresswoman Bustos Tell Veterans She Cut Their Benefits?
05/07/2014 New Study: More Small Businesses Are Being Destroyed Than Created
04/29/2014 Schilling Proposes 14 Debates, 14 Counties
04/11/2014 The Bustos Budget Boogie
04/02/2014 Schilling: "Free Speech is Free Speech"
03/26/2014 NRCC Promotes Schilling to "Contender" Status
03/26/2014 Schilling Receives Susan B. Anthony List Endorsement

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