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Trey Gowdy III's Public Statements

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11/27/2018 Letter to Mary Kendall, Deputy Inspector General - Requesting a Report of Investigation
11/25/2018 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: National Intelligence
11/20/2018 Letter to the Hon. John Kelly, Chief of Staff - Regarding Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump's Use of Personal Email Account for Official Communications
10/26/2018 All House Oversight Committee Members Unite To Issue Joint Statement on Terrorist Attacks
10/24/2018 New Opioids Legislation Signed Into Law
10/23/2018 Goodlatte & Gowdy Postpone Transcribed Interview with Rosenstein
10/22/2018 Letter to The Hon. Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture and The Hon. Vicki Christiansen, Chief of The U.S. Forest Service - Letter to Secretary of Agriculture the Honorable Sonny Purdue and U.S. Forest Chief Ms. Vicki Christiansen Regarding Employee Misconduct
10/16/2018 Letter to the Hon. Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Department of Justice - Letter to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz Requesting the Report of Investigation of Misconduct by An Fbi Official for Accepting Gifts from Members of The Media and For Lack of Candor
10/05/2018 Letter to The Hon. Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, the Hon. Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence, and The Hon. Christopher Wray, Director of The Federal Bureau of Investigations - Letter to Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence and Federal Bureau of Investigation Requesting Briefing on Alleged Infiltration of The U.S. Government Supply Chain by A Chinese Hardware Manufacturer
10/01/2018 Letter to the Hon. William B. "Brock" Long, FEMA - Additional Information Related to Improper Use of Government Vehicles
10/01/2018 Letter to Dennis Muilenburg, Chairman, President, and CEO of the Boeing Company - SC Members of Congress Respond to Boeing Letter
09/30/2018 Fox News "Sunday Morning Futures" - Transcript: Interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy
09/23/2018 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: Brett Kavanaugh
09/21/2018 Letter to the Hon. Randolph D. Alles, United States Secret Service - Additional Information Regarding the Recent Removal of a Russian Foreign National FSN from USSS Employment in Moscow
09/19/2018 Letter to Mr. John V. Kelly, DHS - Report of Investigation Regarding FEMA Administrator Brock Long's Use of Government-Owned Vehicles
09/17/2018 Letter to the Hon. Randolph D. Alles, Director, US Secret Service - Information on Protective Overtime
09/17/2018 Letter to Bret Long, FEMA - Use of Government Vehicles
09/14/2018 Letter to Mr. Joseph Maher, DHS - Regarding Subpoena Issued for Deposition
09/13/2018 Chairman Gowdy Statement on Election Security Briefing
09/06/2018 Letter to the Hon. Brock Long - Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Gowdy Requests Documents and Testimony Regarding Hurricanes
09/06/2018 Fox News "the Story" - Trascript: Interview with Senator Trey Gowdy
08/22/2018 Letter to FBI Director Wray - Requesting FBI Agent Peter Strzok's OPR File
08/21/2018 Letter to Secretary Mattis - Allegations Against Assistant to the Secretary for Public Affairs Dana White
08/15/2018 Letter to the Hon. Jeff Sessions - Requesting Additional Documents for the Interview of Mr. Bruce OHR
08/14/2018 Letter to the Hon. Gene Dodaro, GAO - Equifax Reports

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