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Joni Ernst's Public Statements

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02/14/2024 Ernst, Shaheen Call for Comprehensive Review of Veterans' Small Business Lending Programs
02/12/2024 Ernst Fights for Farm Families Cut Out of College Aid
02/08/2024 Ernst Hosts Bipartisan Press Conference with Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Hostage Families
02/08/2024 Ernst Leads Fight to Stop Feds from "Marching-In" on Small Business Patents
02/05/2024 Ernst Requires Actions, Not Just Words, from President
02/02/2024 Ernst Works to Shut Down CCP-Linked Marijuana Farms
02/01/2024 Ernst and Grassley Release FAFSA Factsheet
02/01/2024 Ernst: Even a Single American Loss is One Too Many
01/31/2024 -9999
01/31/2024 Ernst, Feenstra Continue the Fight to Pass Sarah's Law
01/30/2024 Ernst, Grassley Demand Corrective Action for ATF's Illegal Scheme to Misclassify Law Enforcement and Fleece Taxpayers
01/26/2024 Ernst: Rot at FDIC Runs Even Deeper
01/25/2024 Ernst Requests Investigation into Biden Admin's Botched Student Aid Rollout
01/25/2024 Ernst, Gallagher Launch Investigation into U.S. Defense Dollars Diverted to China or Risky Research
01/23/2024 Ernst Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Expand Use of Biofuels for Aviation
01/17/2024 -9999
01/17/2024 Recognizing Welter Storage Equipment Co., Inc.
01/09/2024 Ernst-Led Delegation Working to Release Hostages Returns from Middle East
01/04/2024 Joni Ernst Tweets about Perry High School Shooting
01/03/2024 Ernst Forces Biden's SBA to Collect on Billions of Delinquent Pandemic Loans
12/22/2023 Ernst: Pulling the Plug on Biden's Electric Vehicle Fantasy
12/22/2023 Ernst, Rosen Call for Fully Leveraging Relationship with Qatar to Release Hostages
12/15/2023 Ernst Secures GREET Model for Iowa's Biofuel Industry
12/15/2023 Ernst Equips Middle East Partners to Defend Against Iran-Backed Attacks at Sea
12/14/2023 Ernst Forces Pentagon to Investigate Taxpayer-Funded Risky Research Overseas, Defund China's Wuhan Lab

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