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Joni Ernst's Public Statements

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06/24/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst "I'm proudly and adamantly pro-life. This decision reflects the science, will save lives, and rightly returns policymaking power back to the American people and their elected officials."
06/24/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst #Bidenflation is crushing Iowa's small businesses and entrepreneurs.
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst . @POTUS : For Iowans, the solution to ski-high gas costs isn't as simple as just buying a $50,000 EV…
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Bringing drug costs down is something I've long been focused on, & will continue to be, but there's no reason Congress shouldn't work to increase awareness of the resources available right now to help families afford their medications.
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst It was a pleasure to attend the West Point Cadet reception this evening. As a proud parent of a West Point graduate, it was great to meet with all the Cadets!
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst 50 years ago, #TitleIX gave women the opportunity to compete on an equal playing field in sports. I'm fighting to protect this historic piece of civil rights legislation.
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst My measure in this year's #NDAA prevents the Pentagon from acquiring any EV component that was mined or assembled by child or slave labor in China. MORE:
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Because of #Bidenflation, the American people are draining their savings to keep up with the rising costs of BASIC necessities. The insanity has to stop!
06/23/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst My INFORM Act works to make sure our families have the best information on pharmaceutical affordability programs right away.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst 🚨TODAY🚨 I'm going LIVE on Instagram with @rolltidebmz from @CUFI Action to discuss Israel & the future of peace in the Middle East. Be sure to tune in!
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst For too long, Iowa's independent cattle producers have unfairly shouldered the burden of price discovery for cattle producers in other states & regions.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Today, @SenateAgGOP passed @ChuckGrassley 's measure to create a more transparent market so our hardworking cattle producers get the best & most competitive prices for the high-quality cattle they raise.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst I'm exposing Big Tech's bias against conservative voices.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst HAPPENING NOW -- Tune in!
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst I'm exposing Big Tech's bias against conservative voices.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Illegal immigration numbers continue to soar. Meanwhile the "catch-and-release' loophole is allowing many of these individuals--who have previously been found guilty of aggravated felonies & violent crimes--back into the U.S. I'm putting a stop to this.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Today I met with representatives from the Des Moines City Council & Mayor Cownie in my DC office! Great to have you stop by.
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst I secured a provision in this year's #NDAA that would evaluate DoD policies and end our military's dependence on adversaries for energy, something that could cripple our readiness and position on the global stage. See more here⬇️
06/22/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst The @IowaYouthTour is making rounds throughout DC! It was great to meet them at the Capitol today alongside my friend @ChuckGrassley . I hope you're enjoying your visit!
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Gaps in the border wall are being exploited. It turns out walls work. Our BUILD IT Act would allow states like Arizona to close barrier gaps, like the one seen here, with materials that taxpayers have already paid for! @SenTedCruz @SenRickScott @ChuckGrassley @RogerMarshallMD
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst In the face of emerging and amplified threats abroad, the need to support and modernize our defenses is increasingly important. We can do this by prioritizing America's critical mineral supply chain.
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst Brain injuries can have a lasting impact on our servicemembers. But right now, there's no clear system in place across all the military branches to ensure traumatic brain injuries are being properly evaluated. I secured a measure in the annual defense bill to fix that. #NDAA
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst TOMORROW: I'll be joining @rolltidebmz , Director of Public Policy & Strategy at @CUFI Action for a conversation on my DEFEND Act. You don't want to miss it on IG LIVE! See below ⬇️
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst The Biden administration's solution to high gas prices? Buy an electric vehicle and raise your taxes!
06/21/2022 Joni Ernst @SenJoniErnst No spoilers here folks. We all knew!

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