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Elizabeth Warren's Public Statements

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10/05/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · 49m Republicans love to yell about inflation, but they don't have any ideas to tackle it. Meanwhile, Democrats have actually taken action to lower costs on health care, prescription drugs, & utilities. We fight for a country that works for everyone--not just the rich & powerful.
10/04/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · 16h Wishing an easy fast and meaningful day of reflection to everyone observing Yom Kippur.
10/04/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · 20h Rampant fraud, rare refunds, potential violations of federal law--and we still haven't gotten all the data from big banks (looking at you, Jamie Dimon). I'll keep fighting for stronger consumer protections and to hold all these banks accountable for abuse.
10/04/2022 Letter to Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Mellody Hobson, Chair of the Starbucks Board of Directors - Markey, Warren, Sanders, Blumenthal Blast Starbucks for Brazen, Illegal Union-busting Campaign
10/04/2022 Letter to Lauren Christopher, Director of the HHS Division of Energy Assistance - Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Requests Expedited Release of Home Heating Assistance Funds
10/04/2022 Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Senators Push Biden to Build on Inflation Reduction Act, Declare Climate Emergency
10/04/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · 23h Five weeks until Election Day. Five weeks when we can still take action to affect the outcome. Five weeks to knock on doors, make some calls, pitch in some money, and do everything we can to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We have power. Let's use it.
10/03/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · 2h For far too long, our federal judiciary has been stacked with judges who only have experience representing the wealthy and well-connected. I've called for more professional diversity, and I'm very glad that we're making progress.
10/02/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Oct 2 Sure, it's easier to buy your competition than to beat them. But it's bad for consumers and our whole economy when just a few giants are allowed to dominate--and I'm calling on the FTC to nip this deal in the bud.
10/01/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Oct 1 Right-wing extremists have hijacked the Supreme Court to advance an agenda that's too toxic for the ballot box. Now this institution is facing a legitimacy crisis. We need to rebalance the Court by expanding it.
09/30/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 30 Hope this helped, @JohnLegend ! And thank you for being in this fight.
09/30/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 30 Republicans in Congress want to put Social Security on the chopping block. Democrats are fighting to protect and expand it. The choice is clear this November.
09/30/2022 Markey Joins Warren, Colleagues in Reintroducing Legislation to Help Survivors of Natural Disasters
09/30/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 30 Health insurance companies try every trick in the book to get out of paying for health care (a.k.a. to get out of doing their job). But if you get a claim denied, you aren't powerless. Join @BeAHero this Sunday for a virtual teach-in on how to fight back:
09/29/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 29 This CEO isn't alone--executives keep bragging to shareholders about how they're using inflation to their advantage.
09/29/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 29 The banking industry wants you to believe that people go bankrupt because of reckless spending. But for nearly 90%, it's because of a job loss, medical problem, or family breakup. My bill will make it easier for families to get back on their feet.
09/29/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 29 This is how we fight for an economy that works for everyone--not just big businesses.
09/28/2022 Letter to Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense - Senator Markey Raises Alarm on Fatal Overdoses Among Active Duty Service Members
09/28/2022 Letter to Colette Peters, Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons - Durbin, Trone Send Letter Urging Federal Bureau Of Prisons To Reduce Solitary Confinement
09/28/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 28 My heart is with everyone in the path of Hurricane Ian. I'll support Florida getting the federal assistance they need, and I'll also keep working to make sure Puerto Rico can recover and rebuild from Hurricane Fiona's damage.
09/28/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 28 It's going to take strong, bipartisan legislation to tackle congressional stock trading. That's exactly what I've introduced, and that's what we need to pass--let's show the American people that we're serious about restoring the public trust. #StopTheTrades
09/27/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 27 So of course the GOP is mad about student debt cancellation helping working people--they'd rather hand more tax breaks to billionaire CEOs and giant corporations than put government on the side of truck drivers, mechanics, and home health aides.
09/27/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 27 Let's remember: About 40% of student loan borrowers don't have a four-year degree. And nearly 90% of President Biden's relief will go to people earning less than $75k/year. We have a president who's fighting--and delivering--for working-class and middle-class Americans.
09/27/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 27 I'm going to keep fighting to put quality, affordable child care within reach for every family, make sure providers can keep their doors open, and give a raise to every child care worker in America.
09/26/2022 Elizabeth Warren @ewarren · Sep 26 Big corporations promised to help employees access abortion care after Roe--but they exclude huge groups of workers from benefits by continuing to misclassify them as independent contractors. We can't let them get away with exploiting this loophole.

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