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Ben Sasse's Public Statements

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12/22/2021 Letter to Hon. Janet Yellen, Secretary Dept. of the Treasury - Finance Republicans Demand Treasury Analysis of OECD Agreement
12/17/2021 -9999
12/17/2021 -9999
12/17/2021 Republican Senators Blast Democrats' Senseless Child Care Plan
12/14/2021 Letter to Hon. Urza Zeya, Under Secretary Dept. of State - Support of Tibetan Autonomy
12/14/2021 Letter to Hon. Richard J. Durbin, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Kennedy, Grassley Call on Durbin to Hold Hearing on National Crime Wave
12/07/2021 Letter to Hon. Merrick Garland, Attorney General US Dept. of Justice - Judiciary Republicans To Garland: Are Concerned Parents Domestic Terrorists Or Not?
12/02/2021 Letter to Hon. Charles P. Rettig, Commissioner Internal Revenue Service - ProPublica Leak
12/01/2021 Letter to Hon. Charles Rettig, Commissioner IRS - Grassley Leads Colleagues In Ongoing Probe Of IRS Following ProPublica Leak
11/29/2021 Blackburn, Sasse, And Senate Judiciary Republicans Call For Attorney General To Testify On School Board Memo
11/23/2021 Letter to Chairman Maffel, Federal Maritime Commission - Crapo, Risch, Colleagues Raise Concerns Over New Container Shipping Fees at Ports
11/18/2021 Collins, Colleagues File Challenge to Vaccine Mandate for Businesses
11/08/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph Biden, President of the United States - Senators Write To Biden Calling For Increased Digital Trade In The Indo-Pacific
11/08/2021 Letter to The Honorable Kiran Ahuja, Director of Office of Personnel Management; The Honorable Shalanda D. Young, Acting Director of Office of Management and Budget; The Honorable Robin Carnahan, Administrator of General Services Administration
11/04/2021 Letter to Hon. Kiran Ahuja, Director, Office of Personnel Management - Grassley Joins Effort To Address Absent Government Workforce, Urges Return To Work
11/04/2021 Letter to Hon. Dev Jagadesan, Acting Chief Executive Officer US International Development Finance Corporation - CCP Uyghur Forced Labor of US Solar Panels
11/03/2021 Sasse Statement on Payments to Illegal Immigrants
11/02/2021 Blackburn, Kennedy, Judiciary GOP Oppose Biden Plan To Pay Illegal Immigrants With Taxpayer Dollars
11/02/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph Biden, President of the United States- Cornyn Opposes Biden Efforts to Settle Lawsuits with Illegal Immigrants for Millions at Taxpayer Expense
11/01/2021 Letter to Hon. Joe Biden, President - Judiciary GOP Opposes Biden Plan to Pay Illegal Immigrants With Taxpayer Dollars
10/28/2021 Blackburn, Sasse, And Judiciary Committee Republicans Demand Evidence From AG On School Board Memo
10/26/2021 Sasse Statement on Slow-Motion Hostage Crisis
10/26/2021 Letter to Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States - Thune, Grassley, Colleagues Again Seek Meeting With Biden Admin On Commonsense Biofuel Policies
10/26/2021 Letter to the Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States - Ernst "Circles Back' on Request for Biden Meeting to Discuss Biofuel as a Clean, Reliable Energy Solution

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