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Pramila Jayapal's Public Statements

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05/16/2024 Police Our Border Act
05/15/2024 Improving Law Enforcement Officer Safety and Wellness Through Data Act of 2024
05/15/2024 Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act
05/08/2024 Recognizing Christina Scheppelmann's Contributions to the Arts
05/01/2024 Denouncing the Biden Administration's Immigration Policies
04/19/2024 End the Border Catastrophe Act
04/17/2024 Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act
04/12/2024 Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act
03/19/2024 Recognizing Representative Frank Chopp's Service to the State of Washington
03/12/2024 Denouncing the Biden Administration's Immigration Policies
02/13/2024 Recognizing Pete Carroll's Legacy
02/01/2024 -9999
02/01/2024 Recognizing the Contributions of Aneelah Afzali
01/31/2024 Consequences for Social Security Fraud Act
01/30/2024 Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act
01/17/2024 Denouncing the Biden Administration's Open-Borders Policies, Condemning the National Security and Public Safety Crisis Along the Southwest Border, and Urging President Biden to End His Administration's Open- Borders Policies
12/26/2023 Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of Northeastern University's Seattle Campus
12/13/2023 Directing Certain Committees to Continue Ongoing Investigations Into Whether Sufficient Grounds Exist for the Impeachment of Joseph Biden, President of the United States
12/06/2023 Raising A Question of the Privileges of the House
10/31/2023 Jayapal, Markey Statement on President Biden's AI Executive Order
10/30/2023 Senate And House Judiciary Democrats Outline Necessary Due Process Reforms For Noncitizens In Immigration Detention Center
10/05/2023 Senator Warren, Representatives García, Norcross, Beatty, Jayapal, Lead Colleagues to Urge Biden Administration to Support Aid for Crisis-Hit Countries
10/04/2023 Warren, Jayapal Call on DOJ, FTC to Scrutinize UnitedHealth-Amedisys Merger
09/29/2023 Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees: Interview with Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-IL)
09/28/2023 Warren, Jayapal Call on IRS to Address Revolving Door Between IRS and Giant Accounting Firms After Troubling Inspector General Findings

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