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Alan Lowenthal's Public Statements

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01/26/2022 Letter to Hon. Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Schumer, Warren, Jayapal, Pressley, Omar, Porter Urge President Biden To Deliver On Promise To Cancel Student Debt
01/06/2022 In Memory of Doris Topsy-Elvord
12/20/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Members of Congress Call on Biden to Reverse U.S. Policies Contributing to Afghanistan's Humanitarian and Economic Crisis
12/16/2021 Congressman Alan Lowenthal Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection To Congress In 2022
12/15/2021 Letter to Hon. Deb Haaland, Secretary Dept. of Interior - Bipartisan Delegation Seeks Emergency ESA Gray Wolf Listing Protections
12/14/2021 Letter to Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Support Human Rights and Humanitarian Needs in Cuba
12/10/2021 Congressmen Lowenthal and Pocan Introduce Legislation Honoring 73th Anniversary of Human Rights Day and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
12/08/2021 In Amicus Brief, Congressmembers Lowenthal, Grijalva, Huffman Call on Federal Court to Strike Down Administration's 80 Million Acre Oil And Gas Lease Sale In U.S. Gulf
12/07/2021 Letter to Hon. Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader US Senate - Keep Affordable Insulin Measures in Build Back Better Act
12/06/2021 Letter to Hon. Brenda Mallory, Chair Council on Environmental Quality - End Government Purchase of Products with PFAS Contamination
12/04/2021 Letter to Hon. Merrick B. Garland, Attorney General US Dept. of Justice; Hon. Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General Antitrust Division US Dept. of Justice - Investigate Proposed Merger of Discovery and Warnermedia for Violations of Antitrust Law
11/30/2021 Letter to Hon. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State - García, Grijalva, Torres, Condemn Martial Law and Human Rights Abuses in Guatemala
11/30/2021 Letter to Hon. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security - Padilla, Ross Lead 49 Colleagues in Urging DHS to Expand DACA Eligibility to Documented Dreamers
11/22/2021 Letter to Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Replenish the Small Business Administration's Restaurant Revitalization Fund
11/18/2021 Letter to Hon. Merrick Garland; Hon. Antony Blinken; Hon. Michael Hughes - CURTIS LEADS BIPARTISAN EFFORT TO ADMIT TAIWAN TO INTERNATIONAL CRIME FIGHTING EFFORTS
11/12/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States - Congressional Democrats Urge Biden Administration To Require Vaccination Or Negative Test For Airline Travelers As Holidays Approach
11/10/2021 Letter to Hon. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education - On Behalf of Student Loan Borrowers
11/08/2021 Letter to Hon. Stephen Dickson, Administrator Federal Aviation Administration - PFAS-free Firefighting Foam
11/06/2021 Congressman Alan Lowenthal Praises Passage Of Historic House Infrastructure Bill and Vote To Advance Build Back Better Act
11/04/2021 Letter to Hon. Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Schiff, Feinstein, Huffman, Delbene, Colleagues Urge USDA to Improve Standard of Care for Captive Marine Mammals
10/29/2021 Letter to President Joseph R. Biden - Members of Congress Urge Climate Diplomacy with China
10/25/2021 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, Hon. Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader, Hon. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader, Hon. Richard Durbin, Majority Whip, Hon. James Clyburn, Majority Whip, and the Hon. Ron Wyden, Senate Finance Committee Chair - Permanent Solution to Debt Ceiling Crisis
10/22/2021 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House - Reps. Lowenthal, Barragán Call On House Speaker To Retain Critical Emissions Reduction Funding In Build Back Better Package
10/22/2021 Letter to the Hon. Joe Biden, President of the United States-Ahead of International Climate Conference, Senators Markey, Van Hollen and Rep. Omar Lead Bicameral Letter to President Biden Urging Bold Climate Action in Budget Reconciliation
10/21/2021 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and Hon. Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader - Reps. Adams and Panetta Urge Congressional Leadership to Maintain $7.75 Billion in Agriculture Research Funding in Build Back Better Agenda

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