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Mary Miller's Public Statements

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11/14/2023 Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024
11/02/2023 Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024
09/28/2023 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2024
09/20/2023 Motion to Instruct Conferees on H.R. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024
09/14/2023 Biden Impeachment Inquiry
07/19/2023 Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act
07/19/2023 Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act
07/13/2023 Defending Privacy Rights
07/12/2023 We Must Safeguard the Religious Liberty for Our Troops
06/21/2023 Raising A Question of the Privileges of the House
05/24/2023 Providing for Congressional Disapproval of the Rule Submitted By the Department of Education Relating to ``Waivers and Modifications of Federal Student Loans''
05/15/2023 New ED Rule Would Steamroll Five Decades of Progress for Women's Equality
05/11/2023 Condolences for I-55 Crash Victims
04/28/2023 Julie Su's Record of Failure
04/19/2023 Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023
03/23/2023 Parents Bill of Rights Act
03/08/2023 Our Nation's Economic Outlook
03/07/2023 Protecting the Natural Family is Essential for Our Nation to Prosper
03/01/2023 Reduce Exacerbated Inflation Negatively Impacting the Nation Act
02/10/2023 Letter to Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education - Cassidy, Foxx, Colleagues Urge Biden Administration to Revoke their Reckless Student Loan Scheme
01/25/2023 Letter to Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States - Daines Joins Colleagues to Expose Biden Administration for Breaking the Law, Promoting Dangerous Diy Abortions by Mail
01/13/2023 Letter to Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation - Chairman Sam Graves & Ranking Member Rick Larsen Promise Vigorous Oversight of DOT Plans to Prevent Another FAA System Failure
12/13/2022 Letter to Martin Walsh, Secretary of Labor - Sens. Braun, Burr, Thune and Rep. Foxx Lead Republican Colleagues in Urging Department of Labor to Protect Independent Contractor Classification
12/07/2022 Letter to Lauren McFerran, Chair of the National Labor Relations Board - NLRB's Massive Overreach Stymies American Businesses
11/22/2022 Letter to Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States - Higgins Leads Republican Letter To Biden Regarding Diesel Fuel Costs, Urging Measures To Reduce Inflation

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