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Jim Clyburn's Public Statements

  • U.S. House (SC) - District 6, Democratic Majority Whip
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05/06/2021 Tweet - "President Biden isn't putting a price tag on the American dream. He's making investments to help all Americans realize their dreams. I believe this approach is truly transformational in its potential for dramatic progress toward liberty & justice for all."
05/03/2021 Tweet - "The problem we have in this country is that there are jurisdictions that do in fact pass racist legislation. Now we have to decide as a nation whether or not we will condone that. Are we going to coddle racists, or are we going to deal with the racists?"
04/29/2021 Majority Whip Clyburn Praises President Biden's Inclusive Agenda And First 100 Days In Office
04/29/2021 Tweet - "President Biden wasted no time during his first 100 days. He has led a remarkable response to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting relief to Americans. I look forward to continuing to work with the Biden-Harris Admin to move our country toward the promise of a more perfect union."
04/29/2021 Tweet - "Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your community. Get vaccinated."
04/28/2021 Tweet - "Americans have dealt with unprecedented challenges over this past year. But in these last 99 days, President Biden has begun to deliver relief and hope to our nation. As he addresses the #JointSession tonight, I applaud his tremendous success thus far."
04/28/2021 Tweet - "President Biden has been focused on delivering relief to Americans since his first day in office. He's put shots in arms, money in pockets, gotten Americans back to work & kids back in the classroom. His leadership is helping this country heal. #JointSession"
04/28/2021 Tweet - "Rescuing our nation from this pandemic is only the first step. The crises of the past year have exposed & exacerbated faults that must be remedied. We must build back better, addressing systemic inequities & ensuring that the recovery from this pandemic includes all Americans."
04/28/2021 Tweet - "President Biden's #JointAddress tonight has made it clear that his administration has wasted no time in tackling the challenges facing our country. Thanks to this administration's laser focus, our country is beginning to get back on track."
04/28/2021 Tweet - "No one wants to take law-abiding citizens' guns away. That's not what gun reform is about. It's about keeping firearms out of the hands of those that ought not have them. Universal background checks and closing the Charleston Loophole will help ensure that. #JointSession"
04/28/2021 Tweet - "We cannot hope to have true rural equity in this country until we close the digital divide. That means guaranteeing that every American has access to affordable high-speed internet. Without it, rural Americans will continue to lag behind the rest of the nation. #JointSession"
04/28/2021 Tweet - "President Biden outlined another key step we must take to build back better: supporting American families--the foundation of a strong nation. In order for our country to live up to its full potential, we must make the greatness of America accessible & affordable for all families."
04/27/2021 Tweet - "Last week's verdict was an example of exactly what our justice system is supposed to do, and that's hold people accountable for their actions, police officers included. Now we must get the George Floyd #JusticeinPolicing Act to the president's desk. The time for change is now."
04/27/2021 Tweet - "Protect yourself, your family, and your community. Get vaccinated."
04/26/2021 Tweet - "The likelihood of dying from COVID-19 is twice as likely in communities of color. We must do everything we can to protect our communities, our families, and ourselves. Wear your masks. Social distance. Get vaccinated. #MinorityHealthMonth"
04/23/2021 Tweet - "If we want to get beyond this pandemic, we must work together, follow the science, and use the advice that we have been given by those who have studied this issue. Wear your masks. Social distance. Get vaccinated."
04/22/2021 Tweet - "As we recognize #EarthDay2021, we must also continue working to restore the planet for our children & grandchildren by taking action to fix the #ClimateCrisis. If we fail to act, future generations will suffer."
04/22/2021 Tweet - "Study confirms opportunity zones aren't helping communities in need. I said in 2019, "The program needs to be tweaked--or it needs to experience its funeral." My Opportunity Zone Reform Act includes needed tweaks to ensure OZs benefit low-income people."
04/22/2021 Tweet - "There are 712,000 DC residents that are currently being denied a voice in Congress. They have been silenced for too long. It's time for #DCStatehood."
04/22/2021 Tweet - "I think of the way the police are conducting themselves, most of them are very honorable people. We hold doctors & lawyers & other professionals accountable. Why is it that we have such a hard job holding police officers accountable? That has to stop. - via @NewDay"
04/21/2021 Tweet - "I applaud the Biden-Harris Administration for achieving the milestone of putting 200 million vaccine shots in arms in less than 100 days. Our nation is now at a "critical turning point' in the battle against this virus. Our success will depend on ALL Americans being vaccinated."
04/21/2021 Tweet - "The #NoBanAct will prevent xenophobic acts, like the Trump Administration's Muslim Ban, from ever becoming law again. Our nation was built on freedom from religious persecution. It's time we return to the foundation of our democracy & get the No Ban Act to the President's desk."
04/21/2021 Tweet - "If you have a bad police officer, he will bring down the entire profession, and that's what this is all about. This has to come to a stop. That's all people are saying."
04/20/2021 Tweet - "Today's verdict was a good beginning. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act must now become law. It's time for the good people of this country to get into good trouble. We must get rid of bad apples and make sure this country's greatness is accessible for all."
04/20/2021 Tweet - "Today marks 22 years since the Columbine massacre. 22 years later, our nation has yet to take significant action to reduce gun violence. We need more than thoughts & prayers. We must get House-passed gun violence prevention bills to the President's desk."

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