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Eddie Johnson's Public Statements

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01/19/2022 Letter to Hon. Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General Dept. of Justice - Allred Leads Colleagues Requesting DOJ Monitor Election Audit Targeting Large Texas Counties
01/13/2022 Nasa Enhanced Use Leasing Extension Act of 2021
01/12/2022 Letter to Blake Hawthorne, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas - Allred, Johnson Lead Colleagues in Expressing Continued Support for Texas Central High-Speed Rail Project
12/14/2021 Letter to Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Support Human Rights and Humanitarian Needs in Cuba
12/08/2021 Nasa Enhanced Use Leasing Extension Act of 2021
11/18/2021 Letter to Hon. Merrick Garland; Hon. Antony Blinken; Hon. Michael Hughes - CURTIS LEADS BIPARTISAN EFFORT TO ADMIT TAIWAN TO INTERNATIONAL CRIME FIGHTING EFFORTS
11/16/2021 Letter to Hon. Steven Lieberman, Undersecretary for Health Dept. of Veteran Affairs - Allred Leads Bipartisan Effort to Expand Health Care Services at Garland VA Medical Center
11/05/2021 Providing for Consideration of H.R. Build Back Better Act; and for Other Purposes
11/01/2021 Congressional Black Caucus
10/25/2021 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, Hon. Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader, Hon. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader, Hon. Richard Durbin, Majority Whip, Hon. James Clyburn, Majority Whip, and the Hon. Ron Wyden, Senate Finance Committee Chair - Permanent Solution to Debt Ceiling Crisis
10/22/2021 Letter to Hon. Mitch McConell, Minority Leader, Hon. Charles Schumer, Majority Leader, Hon. Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, and Hon. Nancy Pelosi - Solution to the Medicaid Coverage Gap
09/27/2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
09/27/2021 Letter to Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader - Hoyer, House Democrats Send Letter to Minority Leader McConnell Urging Action on the Debt Limit
09/22/2021 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022
09/20/2021 Building America Back Better
09/18/2021 Letter to Hon. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State - Pocan, Dingell Call for Increased Humanitarian Access for Gaza
09/16/2021 Reps. Miller, Johnson Introduce Legislation to Increase Foreign Investment in Business-Friendly States
09/10/2021 Letter to the Hon. Michael Regan, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Mr. Jaime Pinkham, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works - Chairs DeFazio, Napolitano, and Beyer Lead 130+ House Colleagues in Applauding the EPA & Corps for Withdrawing the Trump Dirty Water Rule, Call New Rulemaking Urgent
09/09/2021 Hearing of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee - Opening statement of Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Hearing of Concurrent Resolution on the Fiscal Budget for the year 2022
09/09/2021 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House; Hon. Charles Schumer, Senate Majority Leader; Hon. Peter DeFazio, Chairman of the House Committee Transportation & Infrastructure; and Hon. Sherrod Brown, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs - Reps. García, Johnson, and Pressley Call for Additional Investments in Public Transit in Reconciliation Legislation
09/08/2021 Congresswomen Johnson Statement Commemorating Labor Day
09/01/2021 Letter to Rochelle Walensky, Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Release - Khanna Encourages CDC to Strengthen COVID-19 Guidelines
08/30/2021 Letter to Joe Biden, President of the United States - Pingree, 60+ House Members Call on Biden to Increase US Refugee Admissions Programs Cap As Continued Evacuation Is Promised
08/26/2021 Letter to Joe Biden, President of the United States - Representatives Lee and Ocasio-Cortez Lead Call for an Increase in United States Refugee Admissions Programs Cap as Afghanistan Crisis Continues

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