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Artur Davis' Public Statements

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Date Title
09/28/2010 Letter to The President
09/02/2010 Al.com - Alabama, Tennessee not Included in EPA Hearings Over Coal Ash
07/02/2010 Letter to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury - Anshan Iron and Steel Group
05/06/2010 Montgomery Advertiser - Bill Would Increase Liability Cap After Spills
05/05/2010 Davis Introduces Legislation Forcing Big Oil Companies To Pay For All Damages From Oil Spills
05/05/2010 Mobile Press-Register - Artur Davis Introduces Bill To Up BP's Liability For Gulf Oil Spill; Measure Would Raise Cap
05/05/2010 House Dems Introduce 'Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act' To Protect Taxpayers From Paying For Oil Spill Damages
03/21/2010 Davis Votes No On Health Care Legislation
03/11/2010 Congressman Artur Davis To Vote Against Final Health Care Legislation
03/08/2010 Congressman Artur Davis Reacts To Northrop Grumman's Decision To Drop Out Of The Tanker Competition
02/10/2010 The Huntsville Times: Davis Defends NASA
02/01/2010 Congressman Davis Statement On President Obama's FY2011 Budget
12/16/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Introduces Bill That Would Use Leftover TARP Money To Help Alabama Businesses Survive
12/15/2009 Letter to Senator Patty Murray
12/11/2009 Davis Votes To Regulate Wall Street Spending And Protect Consumers
12/09/2009 Congressman Davis Secures Jobs Provision In Tax Extenders Bill
12/08/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Submits Statement For The Record On The Issue Of Coal Ash To The House Committee On Transportation And Infrastructure
11/02/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Disagrees With H.R. 3962, The Affordable Health Care For America Act
10/26/2009 Letter to The Honorable Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense
10/15/2009 Letter To The Honorable Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator
09/23/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Introduces Bill To Further Protect The Interests Of Black Farmers
09/22/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Votes In Support Of Extended Unemployment Benefits
09/21/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Introduces H.R. 3473
09/17/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Opposes Administration's Decision To Shelve European Missile Defense System
09/15/2009 Congressman Artur Davis Reacts To House Resolution On Congressman Joe Wilson

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