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Cathy Rodgers' Public Statements

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03/27/2024 After Uncovering Earliest-Known SARS-CoV-2 Sequence, E&C Republicans Press NIH for Possible Additional GenBank COVID Submissions
03/27/2024 Chairs Rodgers and Duncan Condemn DOE’s New Building Codes That Will Worsen the Housing Affordability Crisis
03/22/2024 Repealing of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
03/22/2024 Chair Rodgers on the Floor: America’s Energy Legacy is Under Threat
03/22/2024 E&C Leaders Seek Further Information in Investigation of Maui Wildfires
03/21/2024 Rodgers and Barrasso: International Energy Agency has Abandoned its Energy Security Mission
03/21/2024 Chair Rodgers Opening Remarks on U.S. Center for SafeSport
03/21/2024 Chair Rodgers Opening Remarks on the Regulation of Diagnostic Tests
03/21/2024 E&C Launches Bipartisan Oversight Inquiry into Organ Transplant Contractor and Implementation of Bipartisan Reforms
03/20/2024 Chairs Rodgers and Carter: Biden’s Radical EV Mandates will Hurt Families and Cede American Leadership to China
03/19/2024 Protecting Americans' Data From Foreign Adversaries Act of 2024
03/13/2024 Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act
03/06/2024 Southern Border
02/28/2024 Atomic Energy Advancement Act
02/15/2024 Unlocking Our Domestic Lng Potential Act of 2024
02/07/2024 Protecting Health Care for All Patients Act of 2023
01/29/2024 Overtime Pay for Protective Services Act of 2023
01/11/2024 Recognizing Glenn Johnson
12/15/2023 Recognizing Nadine Woodward
12/11/2023 Lower Costs, More Transparency Act
12/11/2023 Support for Patients and Communities Reauthorization Act
12/11/2023 Prohibiting Russian Uranium Imports Act
12/11/2023 National Bible Week
12/07/2023 Providing for Congressional Disapproval Under the Rule Submitted By the Department of Education Relating to ``Improving Income Driven Repayment for the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program and the Federal Family Education Loan (Ffel) Program''
12/06/2023 Choice in Automobile Retail Sales Act of 2023

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