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Tammy Baldwin's Public Statements

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01/25/2022 Tweet - "It's great to see my Supply Chain Resiliency Act introduced in the House by @RepCindyAxne @RepSchneider and @CongressmanRaja . Now lets get it done to our strengthen our supply chain and support our Made in America economy."
01/25/2022 Tweet - "I agree with @POTUS and @RonWyden we must close the Medicaid coverage gap in my state so we can open the door for 90,000 Wisconsinites to have access to high-quality, affordable health insurance. #BuildBackBetter"
01/24/2022 Tweet - "It's great to have @VP in Milwaukee today to focus on how we are delivering results for Wisconsin with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Creating good paying jobs Replacing dangerous lead pipes Providing safe and clean drinking water across the state."
01/24/2022 Tweet - "Thanks to @POTUS , @VP and @EPAMichaelRegan for their commitment to supporting Wisconsin with the federal investments local communities need to replace dangerous lead pipes and provide safe and clean drinking water to everyone across the Badger State."
01/24/2022 Tweet - "I had a great day @wrtpbigstep in Milwaukee today with @VP as we stand on the side of delivering results for Wisconsin. Creating jobs, rebuilding our water infrastructure, replacing lead pipes, protecting public health, and providing safe and clean drinking water to everyone."
01/24/2022 Tweet - "Thanks to @wrtpbigstep for bringing together @VP , @EPAMichaelRegan , @RepGwenMoore and others in the community who are all committed to creating good paying jobs, replacing dangerous lead pipes, protecting public health, and providing clean and safe water to all."
01/22/2022 Tweet - "On the 49th anniversary of #RoeVWade, the constitutional right to reproductive health care freedom is under direct attack and we need to stand up, speak out, and work together to pass my Women's Health Protection Act in the Senate. #WHPA #RoeAnniversary"
01/21/2022 Tweet - "It's good to have a Governor like @GovEvers supporting our hardworking Wisconsin farmers and moving our agriculture economy forward."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Tomorrow marks the 49th anniversary of #RoeVWade which means you need to let your voice be heard and tell the Senate to pass my Women's Health Protection Act to protect the freedom, and right, of women to access care without interference from politicians. #BansOffOurBodies #WHPA"
01/21/2022 Tweet - "I voted for the #AmericanRescuePlan and now Wisconsin's unemployment has hit a record low of 2.8%, but we have more work to do: Extend tax cuts for working families Lower the cost of child care, health care and prescription drugs. #BuildBackBetter"
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Hey Wisconsin, Mitch McConnell says working families don't want an extension of tax cuts or lower costs for child care, health care, home health care or prescription drugs. What are they for? Not that. #BuildBackBetter"
01/20/2022 Letter to Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Durbin, Bipartisan Colleagues Urge President Biden To Include Funding For Emergency International Food Aid In Any Supplemental Request To Congress
01/20/2022 Baldwin Delivers for Wisconsin in Waterway Infrastructure Funding
01/20/2022 Tweet - "I was proud to support this @EPA funding for @MMSD_MKE to reduce the risk of flood damage for historically underserved Milwaukee communities, as well as address sewage overflows. This will help build resilience and lessen the impact of severe storms."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "This is a strong step forward by @POTUS , but I believe we can do more."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "We must act to make sure our elections are conducted freely, without partisan interference fueled by a losing President's Big Lie. #VotingRightsForThePeople"
01/19/2022 Letter to Joe Biden, President of the United States - Senators Baldwin, Brown Applaud President for Distributing Free N95 Masks to Americans; Urge President, Federal Officials to Prioritize Purchase and Distribution of Made In America Masks
01/19/2022 Tweet - ""Tweaks" = @POTUS taking action to expand access to quality, affordable health care after 4 years of Trump sabotage."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "We can no longer allow a filibuster from Senate Republicans to federalize voter suppression and obstruct action that will strengthen our Democracy. We need to pass legislation that removes barriers to the ballot box and protects #VotingRightsForThePeople."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "We must ensure that, regardless of where you live in this country, you have equal access to the ballot box and faith that our elections are fair, and that your right to vote will be protected. #VotingRightsForThePeople."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "The Senate has a choice. I choose #VotingRightsForThePeople"
01/18/2022 Tweet - "The U.S. Senate has finally begun debate on the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct and #FreedomtoVoteAct. I choose an American democracy that stands up to Trump's Big Lie. I choose elections free of voter suppression. I choose protecting everyone's right to vote."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "We are in a public health crisis and it risks lives when there is a shortage of blood supply. That's why I am calling on the @US_FDA to update its outdated and discriminatory blood donor deferral policies that prevent gay and bisexual men from being part of the solution."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "Wisconsin, we can only get through this pandemic together and the vaccines are our best line of defense against the COVID virus. So, please: Listen to your doctor Get vaccinated Get Boosted Wear a high quality mask"
01/18/2022 Tweet - "We cannot allow Mitch McConnell and Washington obstruction to prevent us from protecting our Democracy. And we cannot allow Trump's Big Lie to attack your constitutional right to free and fair elections where every American has equal access to the ballot box. #FreedomtoVoteAct"

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