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John Thune's Public Statements

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01/13/2022 Thune Applauds Supreme Court's Decision to Halt Vaccine Mandate on Private Sector Employers
01/13/2022 Thune, Scott Introduce Bill to Combat Democrats' Inflationary Spending
01/13/2022 Thune: Democrats Continue Their Campaign to Abolish the Filibuster, Break the Senate
01/12/2022 Tweet: Who could've predicted that dumping trillions of federal dollars into the economy would skyrocket inflation… Americans continue to pay the price for Ds' reckless spending.
01/12/2022 Tweet: Democrats--in a blow to Ukraine & European energy security-- just blocked Nord Stream 2 sanctions. They wrongly suggest the pipeline is acceptable despite Russia's troop build-up, occupation of Crimea, & war in the Donbas. Their vote will only embolden Putin.
01/12/2022 Tweet: Democrats' plan to nuke the filibuster, a lazy shortcut to force through their socialist agenda, would have terrible long-term consequences for our country. All majorities are temporary, and Dems will eventually have to live with the reality they create.
01/12/2022 Thune on Fox News: Desperate Democrats Want to Destroy the Senate
01/12/2022 Tweet: Democrats are dealing in distraction. They don't want Americans focused on their many failures -- the southern border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, disastrous Afghanistan exit, COVID, etc. -- so they are manufacturing a "voting rights" crisis. It's easier than ever to vote.
01/12/2022 Tweet: Today's ruling sends a loud and clear message to the Biden administration: In this country, the unlawful use of the heavy hand of the federal government will not be tolerated. The federal government should not have the authority to force private citizens to get the vaccine.
01/12/2022 -9999
01/11/2022 -9999
01/11/2022 Tweet: The filibuster is a critically important part of our government. It ensures 3 KEY things: 1. The majority of laws are bipartisan 2. Laws that impact Americans' lives aren't changing every few years 3. Americans w/ representatives in the minority party still have a voice in gov't
01/11/2022 Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change the Rules if They Can't Get Their Way
01/11/2022 Tweet: Voting should be easy and accessible, but Democrats' "voting rights" bill isn't about getting more Americans to the polls or strengthening faith in our system. They have openly admitted that this bill is about giving their party an advantage in the next election.
01/11/2022 Voting Rights Act
01/11/2022 Cloture Motion
01/10/2022 -9999
01/06/2022 Tweet: My statement on the anniversary of the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot
01/05/2022 -9999
01/05/2022 Thune: Democrats Want to Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game to Pass Radical Policies
01/05/2022 -9999
01/05/2022 -9999
01/05/2022 -9999
01/04/2022 -9999
01/04/2022 Tweet: Couldn't have said it better myself, Leader Schumer. These days, @SenSchumer has changed his tune & would gladly bulldoze through historic rules to get his way.

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