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Roy Blunt's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (MO) - Sr, Republican Minority Policy Committee Chair

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01/12/2021 Blunt Statement on The Passing of Sheldon Adelson
01/12/2021 Tweet - "Sheldon Adelson was a force of nature. He had big ideas about what could happen and then made it happen. His impact on the gaming industry in the United States and around the world put his company at the forefront of innovation."
01/10/2021 Tweet - "United States Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood was a familiar face to many of us who work in the Senate. He was friendly, professional, and dedicated to the job. I appreciate everything he did to keep us safe. Abby and I are praying for his loved ones and colleagues."
01/10/2021 Blunt Statement on The Passing of United States Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood
01/08/2021 Senate Law Enforcement Caucus Issues Statement on The Passing of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick
01/08/2021 Blunt: Updated Kansas City Sewer Overflow Control Program Will Make Water Bills More Affordable
01/07/2021 Blunt Statement on Congressional Certification of Electoral College Results
01/06/2021 Tweet - "The events unfolding at the Capitol are shameful. There is no justification for violence and destruction. It has to stop now. This is not who we are as a nation. Thank you to the Capitol Police who are keeping us safe."
12/29/2020 Blunt Highlights Covid Relief Provisions Benefiting Missouri Small Businesses
12/28/2020 Kansas City Star - How You Can Help Kc's Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Honor Its Great American Legacy
12/22/2020 Tweet - "FY21 funding bill increases the maximum Pell Grant for the FOURTH year in a row. As a first-gen college student, I know how critical Pell Grants are to helping students achieve their dream of a #highered diploma."
12/22/2020 Tweet - "Medical research saves lives. We've seen that this year firsthand as researchers worked tirelessly to develop safe & effective vaccines to combat the novel coronavirus."
12/22/2020 Tweet - "This year has reinforced the importance of a federal investment in @NIH . As we have faced a global health pandemic, NIH & its framework of 476,000 researchers across the country have been a critical part of our response efforts"
12/22/2020 Tweet - "Missouri researchers are at the forefront of our most important discoveries: Working to combat COVID Developing blood test for #ALZ Discovering a potential new treatment for liver cancer FY21 funding bill supports their lifesaving work"
12/22/2020 Blunt, Cardin Secure Long-Term Extension of Job-Creating New Markets Tax Credit Program
12/22/2020 Tweet - "During the pandemic, we've unfortunately seen a rise in opioid use. FY21 funding bill includes resources to Improve treatment, prevention efforts Find alternative pain medications Treat behavioral health More details on this bill here"
12/22/2020 Tweet - "Under my subcommittee chairmanship, @NIH funding has increased $12.85 billion, nearly 43%, in six years. This funding gives researchers the support they need to continue their lifesaving work, discovering new treatments and cures."
12/22/2020 Tweet - "Working to create opportunities Right pointing backhand indexFY21 funding bill includes $10M to continue @USDOL 's Career Pathways Initiative, which improves pathways for students that can lead to the full range of post-secondary college and career options."
12/22/2020 Tweet - "PASSED FY21 Labor/HHS funding bill includes SIXTH consecutive significant increase for @NIH & its lifesaving medical research"
12/22/2020 Blunt, Stabenow Secure Three-Year Extension of Excellence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Act & Significant Additional Investment in Community Mental Health & Addiction Services
12/21/2020 Tweet - "JUST RELEASED FY21 Labor/HHS funding bill provides resources for critical programs that impact the lives of nearly every American -- from educating students & developing the workforce to improving health care & paving the way for new treatments & cures"
12/21/2020 Tweet - "As a national transportation hub, the investments we make today to modernize Missouri's roads, bridges, rail networks, and waterways will save taxpayer dollars and provide a stronger foundation for economic growth for years to come."
12/21/2020 Blunt Announces Missouri Priorities Included in Defense, Military Construction & VA Funding Bills
12/21/2020 Blunt Announces Missouri Ag, Infrastructure Priorities in FY2021 Legislative Package
12/21/2020 Blunt Highlights Missouri Law Enforcement, First Responder Priorities in FY2021 Funding Bill

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