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John Barrasso's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (WY) - Sr, Republican Majority Conference Chair

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01/15/2021 Tweet - "Joe Biden thinks repeating the word "trillion" will distract people from not having a job. It won't. This isn't a plan for economic recovery. Congress just passed $900 bil in COVID relief less than a month ago. Let's see what's working before we borrow our way into more debt."
01/08/2021 Tweet - "U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick lost his life in defense of the U.S. Capitol. Our condolences to Officer Sicknick's family. We must find and prosecute the criminals responsible."
01/06/2021 Tweet - "This violence and destruction have no place in our republic. It must end now."
12/23/2020 WY Delegation Applauds Soda Ash Royalty Rate Reduction
12/23/2020 Tweet - "Today's long-awaited action by @Interior gives Wyoming soda ash producers the certainty we need to stay competitive in the global market. Lowering the royalty rate will level the playing field against China & preserve these high-paying jobs in Wyoming. http://bit.ly/3ponU8B"
12/21/2020 Tweet - "Republicans and Democrats are working together to protect the environment through innovation. This historic agreement includes three separate pieces of legislation that will significantly reduce greenhouse gasses."
12/21/2020 Tweet - "Water infrastructure is critical to every community in our country. The Water Resources Development Act will help grow the economy, cut red tape, and keep communities safe."
12/21/2020 Tweet - "Wyoming energy scored two big wins today. Bipartisan legislation to promote new & innovative uses of #coal & help boost WY's #uranium production is headed to the president's desk. https://bit.ly/3pdDnIn"
12/21/2020 United States--Mexico Economic Partnership Act--Continue
12/21/2020 National Defense Authorization Act
12/21/2020 Barrasso: Relief Is on the Way
12/21/2020 Coronavirus
12/21/2020 Tweet - "In Wyoming, our highways are essential to our success. The bill to fund the government will give the Wyoming Department of Transportation additional funds to complete important road and bridge projects across the state."
12/21/2020 Tweet - "#Coronavirus relief is on the way for the people of WY & America. Congress is delivering help so children can get back to school & workers at small businesses continue to get their paychecks. https://bit.ly/2KQ9Cyj"
12/21/2020 Coronavirus
12/21/2020 Environmental Legislation
12/21/2020 Tweet - "All three of these measures will protect our air while keeping costs down for the American people."
12/21/2020 Barrasso Coal, Uranium Legislation Headed To President's Desk
12/20/2020 Tweet - "No more delays We are not leaving until we have #COVID19 relief for the American people. People are hurting. People need help. We need to get this done today. #FNS @FoxNewsSunday"
12/16/2020 Coronavirus
12/16/2020 Barrasso: Democrats Should Join Republicans on COVID-19 Relief
12/16/2020 Tweet - "Americans shouldn't have to choose between staying open and staying healthy. We need both, and Democrats need to work with us to provide a path beyond the #COVID19 pandemic."
12/16/2020 Unanimous Consent Request--S. 2828
12/15/2020 Tweet - "We are at the beginning of the end of #coronavirus, as people are now getting the vaccine. This is the way we put the disease behind us & get our robust economy back & firing on all cylinders. @realDonaldTrump with all of his effort has made a difference."
12/11/2020 Tweet - "Today, we passed the 60th annual National Defense Authorization Act. #NDAA keeps America safe by giving troops a well-deserved raise, providing them with cutting-edge technology, & funding important defense projects at F. E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY."

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