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01/04/2020 Tweet - "The world is burning, yet Donald Trump continues to deny the evidence of climate change before all of our eyes. We have to get him out of the White House and take urgent global action to combat the climate crisis before it's too late."
11/23/2019 Tweet - "We need a transformational investment in America's infrastructure and future"
11/23/2019 CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Transcript: Former Vice President Joe Biden (D), Presidential Candidate, Gives Interview On Presidential Campaign And Criticisms Regarding His Age As Presidential Candidate

NBC November Democratic Party Presidential Debate
11/11/2019 Former VP and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Speaks at a Town Hall
11/01/2019 PBS "News Hours" - Transcript: Interview with former Vice President Joe Biden

CNN Democratic Primary Debate
10/15/2019 Tweet - "Overturning Citizens United isn't enough. Ridding our politics of big money and corporate special interests demands more. We must go further."
10/14/2019 Tweet - "Overturning Citizens United is an important step in ending the corrupting influence of money in our politics, but we must go further."
10/10/2019 Equality in America Town Hall with Joe Biden (D), Presidential Candidate
09/24/2019 Tweet - "President Trump's actions are an abuse of power. They undermine our national security. They violate the oath of office. If we allow a President to get away with shredding the United States Constitution -- that will last forever."
09/19/2019 Tweet - "It's time we overturn Citizens United and create a public financing system for our elections."
09/12/2019 ABC Democratic Party Presidential Debate
09/11/2019 Tweet - "Each 9/11, we remember that resilience and courage live in the hearts of all Americans--especially our brave first responders. 18 years later, we reaffirm that Americans will never bend to terrorism, and we will never forget those we lost."
09/04/2019 CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall with Vice President Joe Biden
08/11/2019 The New York Times - Joe Biden: Banning Assault Weapons Works
08/08/2019 Tweet - ". @DrBiden and I had a great afternoon at the Iowa State Fair where we talked with folks about our bold vision for the country. I stopped for some ice cream, too."
08/05/2019 Tweet - "Mr. President, immigration isn't the problem. White nationalism is the problem. America's inaction on gun safety legislation is the problem. It's time to put the politics aside and pass universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. Lives depend on it."
08/05/2019 Tweet - "As we watched in horror at the events in El Paso and Dayton, Chicago suffered its most violent weekend of 2019. We cannot go on like this. We must muster up the courage to take on the @NRA, pass common-sense reform, and end our gun violence epidemic."
07/31/2019 CNN Democratic Party Presidential Debate Day 2
07/31/2019 Tweet - "Joe Biden has long believed that the US should narrow rather than broaden its military efforts in Afghanistan, and has for years advocated for ending the war responsibly. We can't keep spending tens of billions of dollars a year to sustain a stalemate. #DemDebate"
07/28/2019 Tweet - "I worked hard to pass the Affordable Care Act--it was a milestone for American health care. I will continue to oppose every effort to tear it down. We have come too far to start over. Read my plan to protect and build on Obamacare at"
07/27/2019 Tweet - "A border wall is the physical embodiment of @realDonaldTrump's inability to develop effective immigration policy. His use of Department of Defense funds for the wall is a phony answer to the real challenges we face--and he knows it."
07/22/2019 Tweet - "Americans work hard every day, and they deserve a worry-free retirement with a steady income. I'll put Social Security on a path to long-run solvency through a tax on the wealthiest wage earners. Learn more about my plan for Older Americans at https://joebiden.com/older-americans/ …."
07/22/2019 Tweet - "Drug corporations are profiteering off the pocketbooks of sick individuals. Under a Biden administration, we'll put a stop to runaway drug pricing so every American has the peace of mind that they can afford their medication."

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