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Joe Biden, Jr.'s Public Statements

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01/29/2023 Tweet - "Wages are up. Over the past six months, annual inflation has gone down every month. Manufacturing jobs continue to develop stronger than at any time in the last 40 years. All evidence that our economic plan is working."
01/29/2023 Tweet - "We've made record-breaking progress in expanding coverage and lowering health care costs for American families, saving them money and giving more Americans the peace of mind that comes with affordable health insurance."
01/29/2023 Tweet - "Americans have paid into their Social Security and Medicare every single paycheck since they were 16 years old. I'm strengthening those programs. And if a piece of legislation lands on my desk that wants to gut them, I'll veto it."
01/29/2023 Tweet - "Every American deserves clean, safe drinking water. That's why this Administration is making replacing lead pipes in homes, schools, and childcare centers a top priority.'
01/28/2023 Tweet - "Companies have announced more than $300 billion in manufacturing investments in the United States since I became president. Because when we invest in ourselves, global investors want to get in on it."
01/27/2023 Tweet - "According to the Congressional Budget Office, House Republicans' proposed bill would add $114 billion to the deficit by reducing taxes on the wealthy. Listen, I know they campaigned on inflation. But they didn't say that -- if elected -- their plan was to make it worse."
01/27/2023 Statement by President Joe Biden on the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity
01/27/2023 Tweet - "There can be no greater responsibility than to ensure the safety of our children and our communities. I urge Congress to act quickly and deliver the assault weapons ban to my desk. The majority of the American people agree with this common sense action."
01/27/2023 Statement from President Joe Biden on Tyre Nichols
01/27/2023 Tweet - "We're making corporations and the super-wealthy start to pay their fair share in taxes. It's about rewarding work, not wealth."
01/27/2023 Tweet - "Today's data shows my economic plan continues to make progress. Inflation continues to fall and incomes are higher than at the beginning of 2022. House Republicans want to undo that progress by increasing taxes on families and creating chaos in the economy. I won't let them.'
01/26/2023 Tweet - "Last year, Americans were paying up to $200 in some cases to get shots like the shingles vaccine. As of this month: for seniors with Medicare prescription drug coverage, these shots will drop to zero. Zero."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "Remember when plenty of Wall Street analysts were saying that by the end of the year we'd be in a recession? It turns out they were wrong. Instead, we ended the year with one of the strongest economic recoveries in America history."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "When I signed the first significant piece of gun safety legislation in decades, I said there was still work to be done to keep dangerous firearms out of dangerous hands. And in the short time since then, communities across America have been struck by tragedy after tragedy."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "House Republicans are starting the new term introducing bills that would: --Help wealthy tax cheats --Hike taxes on working families with a national sales tax --Block actions to help lower prices at the pump We can do better than that."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "Today we learned our economy grew at a 2.9% annual pace last quarter--solid growth, even as we continue to bring inflation down. Our economic plan is working."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "This Lunar New Year, we gathered with heavy hearts -- our prayers with Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay after yet another spree of gun violence. We won't give into fear. We will stand in solidarity. And we will take action -- we've banned assault weapons once. We can do it again."
01/26/2023 Tweet - "House Republicans are pushing for a 30% national sales tax. Taxing the middle-class on thousands of everyday items from groceries to gas. And in the process -- cutting taxes for the wealthiest. What in God's name is that all about?"
01/26/2023 Tweet - "Last quarter, our economy grew at a 2.9% annual pace -- solid growth, even as we continue to bring inflation down. Our economic plan worked. And it still is."
01/25/2023 Tweet - "America's forests are a natural solution to the climate crisis. Today, @USDA finalized protections for the Tongass, the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. We're committed to conserving and restoring our cherished lands, many of which are sacred to Tribal Nations."
01/25/2023 Statement from President Joe Biden on Record ACA Enrollment Numbers
01/25/2023 Remarks by President Biden on Continued Support for Ukraine
01/25/2023 Tweet - "With unemployment at a record low and the two strongest years of job creation in our history, there are reasons for economic optimism all across our country."
01/25/2023 Tweet - "Our petroleum reserve releases worked to bring down prices at the pump -- and we have a plan to refill the reserve at a profit to taxpayers. House Republicans are trying to weaken that critical tool. And gas prices would go up because of it."
01/25/2023 Tweet - "Last year, nearly 7,000 projects were identified and are underway with funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. By the end of this year, that'll be around 20,000."

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