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Patty Murray's Public Statements

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01/21/2022 Tweet - "Health care workers still face grave danger from COVID-19. That's why I'm pushing OSHA for a permanent safety standard to protect them--and to act now to protect all workers at risk of COVID-19 in the workplace."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Since 2019, the Trump Admin's cruel gag rule prevented WA state from getting Title X funds--but now that's changed. This funding is good news for our state & will help people get the reproductive health care they need from the providers they trust."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Having rapid COVID-19 tests on hand is a good way to make sure you and your family can test quickly after you've been exposed or have symptoms--and starting this week, each home is eligible for 4 free rapid tests. Click below to order."
01/20/2022 Tweet - ""…hope isn't a promise we give. It's a promise we live." Very grateful to have read Amanda Gorman's words tonight."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "The climate crisis is well underway in Washington state and across the country--you can see it, feel it, and we are all experiencing it. It's clear we can't delay taking action to protect our planet and I will keep fighting to make sure we do."
01/20/2022 Senator Murray Discusses Need to Protect Abortion Rights Ahead of Roe v. Wade Anniversary With Spokane Providers, Patients, and Advocates
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Click below to learn more about how the new law to end surprise medical bills will help make sure you won't get unexpected, unaffordable bills for out-of-network care in emergencies and for providers you didn't choose."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Ahead of the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, I'm live on the Senate floor to defend the right to abortion & once again block Republicans' harmful attempts to undermine patients' access to constitutionally-protected health care."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "142 days. It's been 142 days since Texans have had their right to an abortion violated and haven't been able to make their own decisions about their bodies, families, and futures. This isn't just unacceptable--it's unconstitutional."
01/20/2022 -9999
01/20/2022 Tweet - "I've been pushing for commonsense measures against COVID to be available to all Americans. Making free, high-quality masks widely available is exactly the kind of step we need to keep families safe. I'll keep monitoring to make sure they get to families as soon as possible."
01/19/2022 Senator Murray Applauds Nomination of Civil Rights Lawyer Tiffany M. Cartwright to Federal Bench in Washington State
01/19/2022 Tweet - "The Omicron variant is driving a COVID-19 surge in WA state--& it's putting a strain on our hospitals &health care professionals. I'm pushing the Admin to make sure hospitals get support--& am working on legislation to help bolster our health care workforce"
01/19/2022 Senator Murray Statement on Voting Rights
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Republican-led legislatures are making it harder to vote for certain groups of people. This is a national, coordinated effort to keep Republicans in power at every level of government by keeping Americans from the ballot box. This is undemocratic, and a threat to democracy."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "The question before every Senator tonight was whether democracy should come before Senate procedure. I voted to protect the right to vote over protecting the filibuster. I'm as frustrated as anyone about this outcome because of what's at stake, but I promise to keep fighting."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "History is sitting on our shoulders right now. The American people are looking to us for a way to move forward & protect the right to vote--& this is it. And all that's standing in our way is Senate procedure--Senate procedure that a majority of us voted to change just last month."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "If it's the filibuster or democracy, I'll choose our democracy. We absolutely need to pass voting rights protections in the Senate--and we need to restore the Senate so that it is accountable to the people it represents."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Everyone--no matter where you live or how much money you make--deserves access to abortion without barriers or political roadblocks. That's what #RoeVWade helps protect and it's what is at stake right now at the Supreme Court & in states across the country."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Live on the Senate floor, I'm talking about our democracy, how it works, and why we urgently need to protect the right to vote."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "So many small businesses have struggled during this pandemic--and it's not over yet. That's why I'm working to get small businesses in WA state and across the country additional federal support so they can keep their doors open and employees safe & healthy."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "Too many child care workers are underpaid and undervalued, often earning poverty wages--and Black women and women of color make up about 40% of these workers. Child care workers should be paid a living wage."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "I'm going to sign onto Senator @ossoff 's bill to ban members of Congress from trading stocks while in office. This is a common sense step to provide much needed transparency."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "I'm fighting hard for a future where everyone can make their own decisions about pregnancy and parenting, and have control of their own bodies, lives, and future--free from political interference. That starts with passing the Women's Health Protection Act."
01/17/2022 Senator Murray Statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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