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Mark Warner's Public Statements

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01/24/2022 Tweet - "Easy, fast, and free:"
01/22/2022 Tweet - "Protect Roe v. Wade."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade -- but access to safe, legal abortion has never been in more danger. It's time to codify Roe and ensure it remains law."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Health care workers are heroes, and their mental health matters. We can help by slowing the spread of COVID, and I'm proud that because of ARP funding I voted for, UVA, GMU and VCU are receiving more than $5.5m for initiatives to support health care worker mental health."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Chuck and I tweet very differently, but we're collaborating because we share a common goal on this one: helping foster healthy competition in the tech marketplace."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "I'm in Richmond today meeting with the Governor's Broadband Advisory Council. I've secured billions in federal support for broadband, and with that plus state investments, we're on track to being the first state with universal broadband coverage."
01/21/2022 Tweet - "Americans are broadly united on keeping dark money out of politics -- it just makes sense. On its 12th anniversary, I am reaffirming the need to #EndCitizensUnited and restore transparency to campaign finance."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Our COVID response needs to factor in the needs of ALL communities -- that's why I'm glad the Chickahominy Eastern Division and the Nansemond Indian Nation are receiving over $2 million to support their public health responses."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "A portion of my statement on the interim CIA assessment on Havana syndrome. You can find my full comments here:"
01/20/2022 Statement of Senate Intel Chair Warner on Anomalous Health Incidents AHIs, aka "Havana Syndrome"
01/20/2022 Tweet - "The money from the bipartisan infrastructure law keeps rolling in. This week: $369 million for port and resiliency projects across the Commonwealth. Thanks to this law, we're keeping Virginia a leader on ports."
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Things that take longer than ordering your free, shipped COVID tests: Brushing your teeth Solving a Wordle Walking your dog Take a minute out of your day to take advantage of this great, easy benefit."
01/20/2022 Letter to Joseph Biden, President of the United States of America - Durbin, Bipartisan Colleagues Urge President Biden To Include Funding For Emergency International Food Aid In Any Supplemental Request To Congress
01/20/2022 Tweet - "Proud to serve as a cosponsor on this bipartisan initiative to level the playing field for smaller tech businesses and impose sensible regulation on bigger tech companies. As a former tech business guy, it's important to me to work on legislation that helps create competition."
01/19/2022 Letter to the National Retail Federation - Warner Seeks More Information From Major Retailers on Supply Shortages & Rising Costs
01/19/2022 Tweet - "The Senate has failed to do its duty and pass even basic voting rights legislation -- including a law that passed unanimously in 2006. I remain committed to fighting for the most foundational American right and preserving our democracy."
01/19/2022 Statement of Senate Intel Chair Mark Warner on National Security Memorandum to Improve Cybersecurity
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Election Day should be a holiday. The Freedom to Vote Act would make that happen. Let's get it done."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Voting rights isn't a partisan objective. We made voting easier in Virginia, turnout rose, and a Republican won. I'm fighting for voting rights because it's the foundation of our democracy -- not because I think it favors my party."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "This Monday, I got a chance to meet with and volunteer alongside some resettled Afghan refugees, @USAmbUN , and @LIRSorg . In my role on the Intel Committee and personally, it's important to me to support all the resettlement efforts across Virginia."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Let me be clear: for decades, reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act was a bipartisan priority. It should be now, too. I'm calling on my colleagues to stop the obstruction and get it done."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "When I first got to the Senate, I thought you had to talk to filibuster a bill. But that's not the case. You can do it without even appearing on the Senate floor. It's time to make anyone who opposes voting rights legislation explain why on the floor."
01/19/2022 Tweet - "Folks, you're now able to order free rapid COVID tests (shipping at the end of Jan, courtesy of USPS). Order your tests, tell a friend, and retweet this to get the word out."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "Voting rights are essential and preservative of every other right that we have. It's frankly unacceptable that this issue is being politicized."
01/18/2022 Tweet - "I'm committed to securing benefits for all parts of VA, and I'm proud American Rescue Plan is still bringing money to rural health care providers: as of this week, $130 million to 882 providers across the Commonwealth. Voting yes was a vote for rural health care."

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